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android or iphone which is better?

Updated on April 13, 2011

Android operating system or the operating system of apple for mobiles iOS which is better?. The competition is getting more and more strong. Let us check the details of this topic. Checking the advantages of both and try to reach a conclusion

Advantages of Android Operating system over i OS

  • Android is free and open source. You can modify it if you want. So it is open to customization. But this cannot be achieved in apple operating system as it is a proprietary product.
  • Provides a large range of applications through android market. A large number of free applications are available. Also to get into android market, you need to pay only one time minimal charge, but to get into apple market, you need to pay charges every year. Also in apple market you can post applications only with apple certifications. This is not the case in android market. Also the number of applications available in android market is much higher than that available in apple store
  • Supports hardware keyboard bundled devices. But apple OS supports only devices with only touch. Positive point for people who want hardware qwerty keypad attached to their phone.
  • A large number of google services are available inbuilt in android like google maps, Gmail, contact synchronization with online mail facilities like Gmail. Also you can install additional google services like google voice, google goggles and new lab features of google.
  • iPone application development can be done only in Mac environment. But android application development can be done in all platforms like windows, linux, Mac etc
  • Android supports flash from versions higher than android 2.2 Froyo. But i OS does not support flash in any of the versions so far released.
  • Android operating system installed phones can work as a source of wifi sharing or it can work as android hot spot. But this facility available in versions after android 2.2 is not available in any of the versions of i OS currently released
  • Applications are more costly in apple market where as most of the applications in android market are free to use
  • Supported music format is itune only in iOS, but android supports common music formats like mp3
  • Android offers a notification bar which is very useful in running and new activities like new messages and emails can be accessed through notification bar easily

Advantages of i OS over android operating system

  • User interface of apple phones is much superior and good looking than android operating systems
  • Unified email inbox for more than one email accounts is available in iOS, but this is lacking in android phone inbox
  • System wide cut and paste is available in apple OS, but this is made available only in the latest version of android honeycomb or android 3.0
  • Another one main advantage of iOS is that it is coming with inbuilt ebook reader which is very good.
  • As both producer of hardware and software are the same company from the beginning itself there is a good integration between harware and software giving superior performance
  • As a more branded company it is more like a prestege symbol

And the winner is..........

Considering the advantages of one over the other it can be concluded that android is the winner. The overtaking of android over i OS in popularity by the end of 2010 justifies this. If you have a doubt about this result, I can assure you that you also will agree to this in coming years, that is the current growth of android that we are seeing now. If it was two years before my answer would have been i OS, but in current situation android is the winner


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    • profile image

      kenn 6 years ago

      -cough- -cough- Android woops iPhone in the ass Android will always be the best :) annnnnddddd Icloud isnt that great sorry :)

    • profile image

      Some Guy 6 years ago

      This is so biased.

    • profile image

      Garrett 6 years ago

      When I was researching which phone was better, the iPhone or the Android, I created a site to share all my research. Check it out at

    • profile image

      Paulo 6 years ago

      With the arrival of iPhone 4S, Apple has overtaken Google in smartphone race. Especially the new featues like iCloud, voice commanding application Siri are turing iPhone into a trend. I also heard Siri is going to become the new face of search, then it will be a huge beat on the face of Google