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Top Twitter Clients for Android Phones and Tablets in 2013

Updated on April 25, 2014

Do you know there are more than 1 million Twitter apps in the world? Yes, it is true. No, these are not Android apps. Most of the Android clients and apps are made and also bring made for websites. Most of these are web based and browser based applications. There are also clients for PC, Mac, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry and such platforms.

Now, as an Android phone and/or tablet owner you need to have a good Twitter client app. You have searched the Play Store already and now is overwhelmed by finding out a lot of such apps. You need to know which one is the best. Don’t worry folks, check this list out and read the mini reviews. It would be much easier for you to decide.

Best Android Twitter Client Apps 2014

The Android apps world is expanding in a very fast rate. There can be found huge changes within one year. So, we have seen a lot of new android twitter client apps in 2014. There are updates and changes in the existing apps too. So, you must check the latest hub to know which ones are the best in 2014.

Official Twitter App

Don’t be surprised, there is an official Twitter client too. Though most of you never like to use it, it is trying to be better day to day. The official app is trying to catch with the 3rd party Twitter clients. You can use all the functions of Twitter on it. You can tweet and retweet with ease. You can see the trends and follow people as you like. You can search and submit photos too. You can even sync twitter contacts with your phone.


If you like the plain and simple twitter layout that just works then Plume is for you. You can get a vertical column by sweeping right from the feed column. There are usual search, favorites, trends and list buttons which are arranged in such a way which is easy to access. This app offers multiple twitter account support. Most important feature of Plume is that beside supporting twitter it also has the capability of showing your Facebook feed.


HootSuite is a social media management app. It has a popular PC version too. You can add and manage your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Foursquare accounts from it. This app is known for the auto-tweeting facilities. This app comes with a built-in link shortener service.

HootSuit is pretty popular among the social network marketers due to its ability to manage many accounts.


You must admit that the name “Carbon” is pretty smart for an Android app that is a twitter client. The name has some Pop culture quality. This, according to many diehard fans, is the most beautiful twitter app. The matt background of this app is really eye pleasing. When you sweep through various columns inside the app, it shows 3D animations which are cool. There are multiple account support for the people like you who have separate accounts for work and interacting with friends.


There are two versions of this popular client. One is free (Ad supported) and another one is priced at $3.99. The reason behind Seesmic’s huge popularity is its clean and intuitive interface. There are auto complete in it. Seesmic has many features and functionalities like geo-tagging, auto complete etc.

Carbon vs Seesmic
Carbon vs Seesmic


It is for both twitter and facebook. If you have accounts in both this behemoth social sites then you can get updates and can update those from this app right from your shiny Android phone. What makes TweetDeck from others is its compass. It shows the location tagged tweets on a map. The app shows tweets on a column feed. You can add your separate columns based on hashtags or search terms or mentions (@). Do you know that TweetDeck has a desktop client? If you have this software installed on PC then you can sync it with its Android counterpart. Thus your twitter session will be seamless from phone to PC or vice versa.

Falcon Pro

What makes Falcon Pro unique is its built-in browser. Can you just imagine just helpful it is? You don’t have to leave your twitter app while clicking through a link or picture or a video. Falcon Pro is also a very good looking app. According to the fans, it is even sleeker than Carbon. It has both dark and light skins. You can slide from the home screen to both left and right to get to the menu columns. So, is it the best among the lot? Nope, it does not support multiple accounts.

There are two versions of this app: the donate version (priced $1.99) and the Pro version ($0.99)


Though there is no hint of having anything with Twitter, it is also a pretty good client. Ecofon has, like Falcon Pro, both light and dark skins. Similarity does not end here. Like its more known cousin, this app also has multi-platform syncing capability. Ecofon is better than Falcon Pro in one respect, it supports multiple twitter accounts.

There is an add supported free version and an add free premium version priced at $4.99.


TweetCaster is an old member of this community. The main forte of this app is customizability. There are multiple color schemes support to make it as you like. It seems that they have paid some money to the collage nerds who have coded this app. There is a photo filter feature in it too. But the most interesting thing is the “speak to tweet” function. It works quiet accurately.

The add free version will cost you $4.99.

Add Your Favorite

As you know, there are numerous twitter apps in the Google Play Store. Some are nothing more than a twitter rss feed but a few are really, really good. I have tried to cover the most useful and feature reach apps available in the Store. But I know there are many more. If your favorite app is not in the list then please mention it in the comments section.


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