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Why can't I install new widgets in my Wordpress blog?

I have installed the widgets using the Appearance>Widgets on my blog, but they don't appear on the page. I installed the recent update of Wordpress and updated all of my plugins and still the widgets don't appear. I have had the blog for about 2 years and haven't had this problem before and can't find any suggestions for resolving the problem on the web. I am trying to install a subscriber widget on www.qigonghealingarts.org on the upper right column above the Amazon book ad for the Dragon and Tiger book.

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5 years ago
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    Randy McLaughlin (Randy M.) 5 years ago

    The widget I was trying to put on the page is Subscribe/Connect/Follow. That was the problem. I tested the text and it worked. I found another widget that did part of what I wanted to do. Now I need to put an RSS button below the header ???? THX