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Are you able to get the IP address of the people who view your hubs and profile through Google?

I know google offers products that help you with your Google analytics so that you can improve your traffic, but can any of those products give you access to the IP addresses? If so which Google analytics product would be best to use for the purpose of obtaining evidence of Internet harassment and stalking? I would need one that could tell me if the IP addresses are coming from the same network of computers, as the suspicious views are all new, yet are from an area near where I live (also where my ex is), are specifically looking for my username, & started the same time my ex harassed my Fb.


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Hummingbird5356 says

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5 years ago
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    dragnhaze 5 years ago

    These views are coming from the keyword dragnhaze, almost all of them show analytics of being a person who flagged my content, all of them are coming from the city as my ex, & I do not advertise my username or articles to people locally because t