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Pinterest: How to put automatic description in for your pictures on blog.

I'm wondering how to add an 'already there' description to my photos on my blogs (not hubpages) so that the user doesn't have to write a description for themselves. I know the pictures on HubPages seems to use the caption provided for Pinterest; however, that doesn't happen when I put a caption under my blog pictures. Any experts in Pinterest that can answer this question? Edit: It's been 16 hours since I asked this question so I'm assuming there are no Pinterest experts on HubPages...:(


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Becki Rizzuti (Everyday Miracles) says

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3 years ago
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    Kari (Relationshipc) 3 years ago

    Thanks for answering. I always fill in my descriptions, but it wasn't doing anything. However, I just updated my seo plugin, and all of a sudden I have descriptions in my pictures on Pinterest!