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How To Save Your PC Battery Like A Pro!

Updated on July 18, 2016

Hello! good day, today, I will be explaining how you can save your battery power and make it last longer than before. Check the picture above, that is my battery approximated time infact the battery is over 2 years old. Make sure you read carefully as I explain:

1. Reduce your PC brightness / Automatically Dim Brightness: The biggest battery drain in any modern device is the display. This method can help you maximize your battery life about 20%. And surely it works. You can set that in control panel settings

2. Delete Applications You Don't use: Believe me, application running on background drains battery like anything else. How do they drain it? They take over the RAM and make the PC slower and then kill of the battery in short time. Uninstall apps you don't use or apps that do the same things!

3. Disable Bluetooth and Other Hardware Devices: This method can not always be used because we often use our PC to connect to the internet, rather we should turn off bluetooth just like in my case. And whenever you are not using Internet ensure to put your PC in Airplane Mode

4. Use hibernation mode instead of sleep.

5. Avoid frequently charging of the battery. Give at least an hour interval.

6. Always place your PC on a flat surface so as to avoid over-heating.

7. Avoid playing directly from DVDs or Flash Drives rather copy them to your hard disk and then manage the files.

8. You can also decide to mute your system sound or reduce to volume.

9. Avoid over-charging, not is all cases.

10. Area temperature also determines battery life span, avoid over-heating areas.


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