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Best Color Laser Printers 2014

Updated on April 29, 2014

Buying a color laser printer is the best choice for people who will need to print basic color graphics such as charts and simple photos but who do not require the high detail and expensive color printing offered by inkjets. Bringing together the economics of laser printing with the ability to add different colors, color laser printers have overtaken monochrome laser printers with regards to sales. Yet, with so many new models entering the market constantly, it may a bit of a difficulty to decide which color laser printer to purchase. Here, I have selected the best selling color laser printers for average home and office use and tried to impartially show their strengths and weaknesses. Having read this review, you should be able to make up your mind.

What features should a color laser printer have?

There are a number of factors to consider when you buy color laser printer and they depend on your needs. If you are going to print lots, you should pat attention to print speed in page per minute (ppm) and toner replacement costs. Also, you may want to have automatic duplex printing on your laser printer, which allows you to print both sides of the paper without the need to manually flip each page. This way you will save some trees and you will not be carrying around tons of paper with only one side of writing.You should beware that this feature comes with a price on color printers. On the other hand, if you require quality above quantity, take heed of the print resolutions. But don't be too harsh with laser printers when it comes to photo printing. Remember, these are not inkjets. Finally, I advise you to demand wifi or other wireless connection from your printer as it is nowadays a commonplace technology for laser printers.

Brother HL-3070CW Compact Digital Color Printer with Wireless Networking

The best buy for economic color laser printers is HL-3070CW, which has much better features when compared to printers of similar price. Its efficiency is because it utilizes a different technology called LED. Well, what makes this printer number one is the very high print speed. Whereas most other economic printers do color prints at about one fourth speed, HL-3070CW prints 17 ppm regardless of it is black or colored and with a decent resolution: 600 x 2400 dpi. It has wireless 802.11b/g in addition to USB and ethernet connections. HL-3070CW also allows you to print directly from a USB flash memory or camera. The printer's memory is 64 MB, which is more than enough. All in all, most end up happy with this printer commending it as very high quality for a low price and easy to set up and run. I came across a rumor that the replacement toners for this printer are costly so I made my own research to find out. HL-3070CW uses TN-210 series toners, which cost about 50 $. Color toners go 1400 pages and black toner goes 2200 pages. That makes 3.5 cents per page for color and much less for black, quite comparable to other color laser outputs and with many other pluses. That being said, HL-3070CW has one caveat but you will easily be able to overcome it. It gives toner is out message before the toner is not actually empty. When you get this message, don't go buy a new toner right away. There is a method for resetting the toners, which will save you much money. See the Amazon customer reviews for that.

HP CP2025DN Color LaserJet Printer

HP CP2025DN Color LaserJet Printer is one of the best selling color laser printers of the higher order, with more features and consequently higher price. HP CP2025DN has a remarkable print speed for both color prints and black and whites: 20 ppm. But many people report "misprint error"s and low quality outputs as well as frequent stops during the print job, which means the high print speed basically remains rhetorical. Print resolution is less than Brother HL-3070CW anyway: 600 x 600 dpi. That being said, it has automatic two-sided (duplex) printing and allows you to print both sides of the paper without having to manually flip the pages. Now, that is a great feature but comes for a price of over 300 $. Its memory is 128 MB, that is quite high but then again it lacks wireless connectivity, which makes it a bit clumsy for our day. In short, although HP CP2025DN is not a printer you could ignore and many prefer it, if you want a printer of this price interval, I suggest you go for Brother HL4570CDW.

Brother HL4570CDW Wireless Color Printer

This is the best color laser printer in this review. About the same price with HP CP2025DN, this one has dramatically better features and quality. Indeed, I was quite surprised that more people prefer the above printer (I guess it's because HL4570CDW is new in market) and researched thoroughly to find out what caveat this printer might have but it was in vain. Brother HL4570CDW Wireless Color Printer is almost perfect. Let us see what that means. HL4570CDW prints at 30 ppm, be it color or black. It's resolution is 2400 x 600 dpi. It has wifi connection. It has automatic duplex printing. A quick comparison marks Brother as the winner in this category. What is more, long term maintenance is very very economical even though replacement toner cartridges may seem expensive at first. TN315 series toners for Brother cost 70 $ to 80 $ each but they go 3500 pages for color and 7000 pages for black printing, making cost per page little more than 2 cents in color and 1 cent in black. Brother "toner out" bug is also in this one unfortunately (that's why it's almost perfect) but it can easily be solved. The method is explained in Amazon customer reviews, which you should read if interested in this printer.

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      so pleased to read that your 2008 ceanadlr has gone to the printer. i can't wait to see it!i also think that blogging can feel lonely - as though you are setting your thoughts out on a breeze and not seeing anything come back.i just wanted to let you know how much i look forward to reading and seeing what you've been up to.your posts always brighten my day.

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      Boom shkkalaaa boom boom, problem solved.


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