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Best Desktop Computer 2010 - A Guide To Buying Desktop Computers 2010

Updated on March 14, 2011

In a day and age where mobile phones are becoming just as powerful and versatile as computers; in a time where laptops are one of the best selling gadgets of all time; in a time where every single piece of information is availble by just a single click; it's a time that, well, is hard to justify a desktop computer.

But you've come to this article - so I probably don't have to justify it for you.

The year is 2010 - a year where the iPhone 4 was released, as well as the all mighty iPad. It's a year where, surprisingly, desktop computers have seen a popularity increase. This may be because their and now many cheap gaming computers, or that many of the best home desktop computers that used to be too pricey are much cheaper. The fact is is that now is the time to buy a desktop computer.

Think of this site as your ultimate guide to buying a desktop computer. You won't just find the best desktop computer 2010 here; you'll find the best valued desktop computer 2010, the top rated desktop computer of the year, and even the best gaming desktop computer.



Best Home Desktop Computer 2010

The best home desktop computer of 2010 in the HP Pavilion Quad 635. The name probably doesn't mean much to you - and it shouldn't. What should matter are the features, the prices, as well as the extra add ons that come with this top rated desktop computer.

Because it's all things added up together that make this one of the desktop computers 2010.

First let's look at the technical details:

  • Quad-Core Processor
  • Windows 7
  • 1TB Hard-Drive
  • Radeon HD Integrated Graphics

This is the best home desktop computer because it's a jack of all trades type of computer; this means that it's not a gaming computer, or business computer, but a computer for everything else. Play music, mix music, record music; surf the web and edit photos; make websites, write articles - all of this is possible on the HP Pavilion.  One of the best desktop PCs on the market. 

Best Desktop Computer For the Money

The above computer is great and is one of the top rated computers of 2010 - but it's a little pricey. Lucky for you 2010 was the year where desktop computers were sold cheaper than what they were worth.

The Compaq Presario Desktop is the best desktop computer for the money. It runs on a windows 7 operating system, has dual processor, and has up to 500 GB of memory. In fact the graphics card is better than the computer listed above; if you were to compare desktop computers of 2010 you would see that the HP is only slightly better than the Compaq.  It is easily, for the price, one of the best desktop PCs. 

The one downfall is that a monitor is not included when you buy the Compaq. That shouldn't matter: for the price you buy , this is one of the best computers of 2010.

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Best Monitors 2010 - What To Look For

As far as monitors go there is quite the range - both in quality and in price.  Some monitors may cost just as much as the desktop computer itself (those will include HD, a webcam, and all other features) but, if you just looking for a general computer, this it too much. 

Focus on getting a monitor that is at least 20 inches and has LCD qualities.  A monitor that is around one third the price of your computer is a good starting point.


Best Gaming Desktop 2010

Desktop computers may be a dying breed - but that's only one branch of the species.  Gaming desktop computers are increasingly becoming more popular; this is because more and more video games, with amazing graphics and better game play, are being released to the PC every year. 

This also means that every year new and improved gaming computers are released.  The same is true for 2010. 

The best gaming desktop of this year, 2010, is the the Xeon Workstation. 


  • Best Graphics Card
  • 4 GB Ram
  • Windows 7 Professional
For gamers out there this is almost a must buy. 

Some of the best desktop computers are those you don't expect.
Some of the best desktop computers are those you don't expect. | Source

Cheap Gaming Computers

Gaming desktop computers are generally much more expensive than normal desktop computers, but they don't have to be.  Many of the best desktop computers of 2010, or even the top rated computers, are cheap and are good for gaming. 

Make sure you check the graphics card before buying a gaming desktop and compare it with the game you know you'll play on it.  If anything else that's the most important - and you can even upgrade if necessarily. 

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Best Valued Desktop Computer 2010

One of the best valued desktop computers of 2010 is a gaming computer - surprisingly. But at a price that is only slightly more than most of the best computers of 2010 you can see why it's such a good value.

No more loading times; powerful graphics; fast boot up; high definition; the list of specs goes on and on.


Refurbished Desktop Computers

Last, but not least, in our guide to the best desktop computer 2010 are Refurbished desktop computers. These computers have already been used, some times for years, and have been sent back to the company wherein they have been taken apart, revamped, and reinstalled. In more eyes they are pretty much a new computer - but cheaper.

When buying a desktop computer you want to make sure there is longevity on the system; most desktop computers for sale have a warranty and the same is true for refurbished desktop computers.

Take the tips you've learned from the above desktop computers and apply them to buying a refurbished computer.



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