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Best Free Shopping Apps For Android

Updated on February 20, 2013

Best Free Shopping Apps For Android


The continued proliferation of the mobile devices has seen a remarkable change in lifestyles. Better mobile devices boasting of improved features, incredible mobile internet speeds, the development of apps with specific capabilities has driven mobile users to becoming ardent consumers through their mobile devices. The best free shopping apps for android have been story behind consumers going mobile.

A robust mobile ecosystem has been growing alongside the incredible growth of the mobile device and mobile applications industry. The big corporations and enterprises as well as the small and the medium sized retailers have all focused on mobile apps that allow for hassle free shopping. This has seen the development of some of the best free shopping apps for android.

How the Best Free Shopping Apps For Android Work

The main reasons why the best free shopping apps for android are now popular among consumers are that they provide product information in particular product specifications and prices. They show product ratings and reviews as given of a specific item and provide product purchase deals such as the discounts and coupons via QR codes and barcode. Perhaps most important offer price comparison for products and this is against competing products. The best free shopping apps for android will also provide locations to stores via way of maps and directions.

The Best Free Shopping Apps on Android

Irrespective of the shopping to be made, here are some of the best free shopping apps for android. They will be of great help when shopping from stores or online.


eBay Android App

eBay has for a long time been a popular online store. The official eBay android app is actually one of the best free shopping apps for android owing to its features. it is a simple yet effective app allowing avid online buyers to bid and shop on eBay on the go.


Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile is just what an avid online shopper on Amazon requires on their android mobile device. It is another of the best free shopping apps for android and which is yet popular among many online shoppers. It features include the ability to search for products, entering feedback and the reading of reviews, access to cart and payments making it a superb choice for the shopper on mobile.


RedLaser Barcode and QR Scanner

A popular shopping app and it goes without saying one of the best free shopping apps for android. RedLaser shopping app has some prominent attributes such as scanning of QR codes and bar codes, the comparison of product prices and the finding of the best deals offered by different stores. It is a commendable app which can be recommended to shoppers using android devices.


Groupon ranks highly on the list of best free shopping apps for android due to the fact it offers coupons, deals and discounts. People who love deals and discounts and find this android app extremely useful. It is an app with a friendly interface allowing the direct transactions on deals and the tracking of such deals in terms of expiry date and the location.


Google Shopper

Another appealing and commendable shopping app deserving of mention as one of the best free shopping apps for android is the Google shopper app. It has accurate and up to date shopping information and allows for the finding of deals and discounted prices. Finding of the best deals has been simplified and has been enhanced with precise directions on a map. Search for a product by directly typing its name or by scanning its bar-code.

Major online stores and brands have the best and most popular shopping apps. But even though it is true, shoppers want to enhance their shopping experience. This is very evident as the more savvy shopper go for other best free shopping apps for android to simplify shopping on the go. Indeed the use of shopping apps continues to increase with every passing day.

The Best Free Shopping Apps For Android


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  • DubstepMaker profile image

    Paul Jenkins 4 years ago from Earth

    wow great list of shopping apps for android. I havent done much of this myself but my wife loves these apps!

  • profile image

    Elizabeth 4 years ago

    Leloca is another free app, accessible for Android and iPhone users, that helps people nearby restaurants in the local area offering discounts (usually 30-50% off). The deals are free and easy to secure and are great for locals and travelers visiting NYC!