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Best iPad 4 Leather, Silicone and Aluminium Cases

Updated on November 18, 2012

iPad Gets Best Protection With Leather, Silicone and Aluminium Case or Cover

Your new iPad 4 with retina display or 4th generation iPad needs a good quality leather, silicone or aluminium case to survive for long time. Fortunately, there are many attractive and protective covers available which offer strong protection at cheap price.

Here, we're featuring some top-notch cases in the above mentioned categories.

iPad 4 Belkin Leather Folio Case
iPad 4 Belkin Leather Folio Case

Best iPad 4 Leather Case

Belkin Cinema Leather Folio Case with Stand

This is the best product in this category with genuine leather material. It has a very cool traditional design with grained and smooth mix to the leather.

It offers both landscape and portrait view. You can use adjustable stand for viewing angle of your choice. This feature really helps for better experience while watching movies, reading and typing. Automatic sleep and awake function on opening and closing the cover takes good care of your battery life.

Tab Closure

Protective Corners

AutoWake Magnets

Multiple Viewing Angles

Genuine Magnets

iPad 4 Bear Motion Leather Case
iPad 4 Bear Motion Leather Case

Another Cool Leather Cover

Bear Motion 100% Genuine Leather Case

This genuine leather cover for iPad 4 uses top grain leather material which is the second highest grade of leather and it's as strong and durable as full grain one. You wouldn't find any better case than this one for such an inexpensive price. Moreover, a lot of work has been put in stitching of this product and it'll hold well for years to come.

It uses magnets to provide sleep and awake functionality just like Belkin cover. You can access all your device ports and functions. Bear Motion also gives you velvet like bag for added protection.

It comes in many colors but we think that most of our readers would be interested in below colors.

Bear Motion BlackBUY NOW

Bear Motion RedBUY NOW

Bear Motion BlueBUY NOW

Snugg CaseBUY NOW

Ionic Rotating Stand CaseBUY NOW

CaseCrown Bold Standby CaseBUY NOW

iPad 4 Otterbox Defender Series Case Cover
iPad 4 Otterbox Defender Series Case Cover

Best iPad 4 Silicone Case

OtterBox Defender Series Case

Otterbox is one of the most famous accessory manufacturer. This cover uses robust silicone for durability and the ability to absorb impact force. It offers three layers of protection. The silicone outer layer wraps around the polycarbonate shell for the perfect protection. It comes with screen protector which saves your new iPad 4 from scratches and dings.

This product comes with sleep and awake function. With OtterBox Defender Series case, you can use your retina tablet in either portrait or landscape mode.

OtterBox BlackBUY NOW

Pink AlpenglowBUY NOW

Grey CrevasseBUY NOW

iPad 4 Saunders Rhino Skin Aluminium Case
iPad 4 Saunders Rhino Skin Aluminium Case

Best iPad 4 Aluminium Case

Saunders Rhino·Skin Aluminum Case

Saunders Rhino has all the capabilities which you usually find in an aluminium cover. It's not only thin but also lightweight and outstandingly strong. It's manufactured with aircraft grade anodized aluminium and shock absorbing neoprene foam lining.

Hinged cover can be easily converted into stand with multiple viewing angles for unobstructed landscape view. All ports and controls are accessible. Like our other picks, it also has sleep and awake function.

It has all the ingredients of a good product. If you really want a stylish case with hard aluminium covering for supreme protection, then this is definitely the best choice.

Saunders Rhino BlackBUY NOW

Saunders Rhino SilverBUY NOW

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