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USB Wireless Number Keypads and External Bluetooth Numeric Keyboards

Updated on August 29, 2013

Wireless Laptop Keypads and External Number Pads

The small size of most laptop, notebook and netbook computers means that many of them do not come with a numeric keypad as part of the keyboard layout. If you do a lot of work with numbers, say if you are an accountant for example or use Excel for calculations, then this can be a real nuisance and can put a dent in your productivity. External number pads for laptop and notebook computers make this problem go away in a heartbeat!

You can find a wired or USB wireless numeric keypad for laptop computers and which you choose is really a matter of personal preference. Most are cordless and connect through an available USB port but there are other which hook up through other ports if your computer doesn't have a spare socket available.

A portable wireless USB number pad for laptop or notebook computers has an advantage when it comes to carrying them around as you do not have to worry about the excess wire flapping about an causing a nuisance. Not only that, but it frees you up to slip it into a jacket pocket if you choose to do so which is something an external wired number keypad isn't going to do with much comfort.

The laptop numberpads are not all made alike however, so it is important to shop around for a good one. Poor quality, cheap number pads may suffer from such things as spongy keys, setup problems or, in the case of Bluetooth keypads, poor connectivity or frequent dropped signals so you are well advised to avoid them if possible. The products featured on this page are all well reviewed by real owners so you can take advantage of real personal experiences rather than relying on paid reviewers who may only get to test the product for a few days or even hours, or taking a guess and hoping for the best.

Editor's Choice For Best External Bluetooth Numeric Keypad

NEW Wireless Number Pad N305 (Input Devices-Wireless)
NEW Wireless Number Pad N305 (Input Devices-Wireless)

Logitech peripherals are always top quality and the Logitech wireless number keyboard is no exception. There is a lot to like about this handy gagdget for anyone who does a lot of number crunching, from its sleek design to its responsive and receptive keys, Logitech has created a winner which is popular amongst customers making it the top recommended external numerpad for laptops and computers.

One of the really nice things for anyone looking for a portable number pad is the size of the wireless receiver which is tiny compared to what its competitors have to offer. Rather than having an obstructive 2 - 3 inch receiver plugged into your laptop USB port, this one sticks out, oh I don't know, maybe a 1/4 inch! Better still, the unifying receiver can connect up to 6 different compatible devices so pair it with the keypad, a wireless mouse external keyboard and use just one receiver.

This wireless laptop number pad is designed for taking on the road with you. It feels reassuringly robust and is stury enough to stand up to the often rough treatment peripherals like these receive through regular business travel. Use it in the cafe, on the plane, at your client's workplace or wherever, the Logitech number pad has you covered.

It comes with 2 AAA batteries which Logitech claims will give you around 3 years of uninterupted performance. Unlike some of the other compact portable laptop number pads and keyboards, this one does come with some extra useful keys like parenthesis '(' and ')' buttons, an equals button and both backspace and clear buttons to aid with data entry and the creation of formulae for spreadsheets in excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Customers absolutely love this external wireless numeric keypad and it's the editor's choice of best external numberpad for notebook and laptop computers here.


More Top Recommended Wireless Numeric Keyboards

Microsoft Bluetooth Number Pad
Microsoft Bluetooth Number Pad

This bluetooth number keyboard works without the need for a USB transceiver offering you wireless functionality without awkward USB plug-ins poking out of your laptop. Despite being a Microsoft product, which naturally works great with Windows 7, Vista or Xp with service pack 2 or later, it also apparently synchs great with Apple products like the Macbook Pro and other Mac computers too.

The Microsoft bluetooth numberpad for notebook computers is sleek and stylish and comes with its own carrying case to protect it from scratches and damage when you shove it in your laptop bag. It is slim and lightweight and has an on/off switch on the device to conserve battery life.

Getting caught with a dead battery can be a real time killer and can look unprofessional and embarrasing if you happen to be at a client's office at the time but this device has you covered. The Microsoft bluetooth enabled number pad has a battery level indicator unobtrusively positioned at the top right of the device which lets you know exactly how much power you have left so you'll not get caught out again.

This is a nice offering from Microsoft but there are a couple of limitations which may make the Logitech wireless number keyboard pad a better choice for you such as this doesn't have a tab or a back button and an equals buton would have been nice too for entering values into a spreadsheet. Overall though, this is a nice compact bluetooth numberpad at this price.


Learn How To Touch Type On Your Numeric Keypad

Not all numeric keypads have the same layout but the principles of learning to touch type on the number pad are the same for both. Touch typing tutorials often overlook the number pad and that can seriously reduce your keyboard skills especially if you are entering into career which makes use of entering numbers a lot like accountancy. The following sites offer free online touch typing courses and training drills for touch typing on the number pad.

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