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Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

Updated on August 5, 2013

Bose IE2 Review

Bose IE2 is an audio headphone manufactured by one of the most reputable audio equipment companies in the world. With advanced technologies and smart design, the headphone is mainly about comfort and quality sound output. At a glance, the Bose IE2 Audio Headphones consists of typical ear-pieces, audio jack, and cables; nonetheless, Bose manages to equip some good innovations that make the headphone stand out from the crowd. For many years, Audio lovers throughout the world have been very pleased by the quality of audio equipment manufactured by Bose...Lets Delve a Little Deeper.

Bose IE2 Audio Headphones - Quality Sound At Its Best!

Bose IE2
Bose IE2

Bose Audio Portability Aspect and Comfort Values

Mobility and portability keeps on growing; people now regard them as some of the most valuable things life. Regardless of the activities, mobile or potable tools are always favorable in almost all cases. Thanks to technology development, the needs for multimedia and entertainment sources can now be simply acquired from some small, lightweight, easy-to-use devices. Nonetheless, especially for audio equipment, some of us still find it fairly difficult to come across a portable device that matches the sound output quality of fully-featured or non-portable speakers. Bose IE2 is a promising audio headphone that features almost everything to enhance the comfort values and portability aspects without sacrificing the sound output quality. Some of the most complaints concerning audio headphone are that the ear-buds are not comfortable for continuous use and the earphone cannot reproduce quality sounds. Bose IE2 has the solutions for those complaints; some of the best features of the audio headphones are described in the following passages.

Bose Earphones - Comfort....And Style!

Bose IE2
Bose IE2

Bose Earbuds Smart Design

Bose IE2 actually possesses both ear-bud and earphone, all of them produce sounds. As usual, the ear-buds do not go straight into the ear canals, but they do send sound output to the ear. The earphones also generate sounds; they even send the sound output directly to the ear canals. The sounds generated by those two components produce better sounds, generally speaking. The final effects sensed by the hearing nerves are full, rich, great quality sounds in all frequencies including low, mid-range, and highs.

Bose IE2 Review

IE2 Audio Headphones

Bose IE2
Bose IE2

IE2 StayHear Factor

Some additional components are included in the package including some pairs of StayHear equipment. StayHear basically helps to fit or secure the ear-piece positions. The package includes 3 pairs of StayHear; each pair is in a different size (S, M, and L). In terms of comfort, this additional component does what it says. It secures the ear-buds and earphones into the positions even at various angles; such design is great for various activities such as exercising. As mentioned earlier, StayHear is merely an additional component, which does not associated to the sound quality at all. There is, however, a small problem; since StayHear will immediately secure the position of ear-buds|earphone, a slight twist will consequently cause Bose IE2 to produce slightly strange stereo-mix representation to the ear. The Bose IE2 StayHear is made of silicone; it is a comfortable material to the skin, so it does not hurt for continuous use.

Bose IE2
Bose IE2

IE2 Audio Headphones TriPort Structure

TriPort is the original name of In-ear headphones. TriPort had been actually introduced even before Bose IE2 was invented. A redesigned and refined shape of TriPort is equipped in Bose IE2. The port design is fairly odd, but it does improve the sound output produced. At a glance, it does not seem that the audio headphone will even be able to produce an acceptable sound quality; but once you equip this device to your ears, powerful bass response and rich treble immediately approach your ear canals.

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Bose IE2
Bose IE2

Bose IE2 Durability And Whats In The Box


All parts of Bose IE2 including cables, ear-buds, earphone, StayHear, carrying case, and clothing clip are made of select materials and tested by the company. They are designed to be durable even under rigorous treatments from the users.


There are actually three models of Bose IE2 available including IE2, MIE2, and MIE2i. The MEI2 is designed to work with Windows, Android, or Blackberry phones; MIE2i should work with certain Apple products


A Bose IE2 package includes IE2 audio headphones, 3 pairs of StayHear in different sizes (S, M, and L), and a protective case to store your headphones and portable music player. The company also provides replacement parts and extension cables for the product.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      James DuckettDecember 14, 2012 Great set of earphones for the price Here is a quick unikcapng and fitting review for the Bose Headphones. My apologies when my dog heard somebody walk in the house and started barking, I edited about 95% of that out.I just got back from running a half-marathon with these in my ears the entire time. My first impression is that these were extremely comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, I pretty much forgot they were even there when the music was off during pre-race instructions. The other pair I had, that did not have the StayHear tips, were also comfortable, but this raised the comfort level just a notch.Also, these were very stable. Usually when exercising with any headphones I have to press them into my ear as they shift with all the bouncing that I end up doing. Especially the in-ear, noise isolating ones that give me a headache after an hour of so of use. I did not need to do that ONCE with these headphones. They get in there, they stay there, and are very comfortable the entire time.Everything about this is fantastic. The sound, from the lows, the mid-range, and the highs, sound great. When I listen to audio books, the speakers come across very rich and clear, almost like they are standing right next to me.These are, without a doubt, my go-to headphones 90% of the time. The only thing I won't use these for are when I'm trying to block outside noise and only noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones will work for that. Which is a shame because they block the noise but are nowhere near as clear sounding or comfortable. I just wish I could afford the Bose brand, but I can't justify the expense.


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