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ViewSonic SVGA Projector

Updated on October 16, 2013

Viewsonic Review

Projectors are quickly increasing in popularity, and a must-have in every office, classroom and even many houses. Why is that? Well, it's because compared to the conventional LCD/LED monitors, a projector is capable of displaying much higher quality images at a larger resolution. But which projector is the best? Now this is a very tricky question, because there are lots of models on the market and each has its own advantages. If you're looking for the best quality for price, then the ViewSonic SVGA DLP Projector will definitely impress you.


ViewSonic HDMI & Key Features

This projector comes with a standard 3D-Ready mode, which makes it capable of playing new-generation movies and presentations just like at the cinema! The picture quality is also straight-on, thanks to the built-in HDMI interface and BrilliantColor technology which makes the image rendering very appropiate to the real world. There is even a 6-segment dial which enables you to improve the color accuracy even more.

If you ever dealt with an advanced projector, you know it can be quite hard to set-up at first, but this is not the case with the ViewSonic. Everything comes in an intuitive package, and the auto source detection ensures that you don't have to worry about any extra compatibility settings. There is also a wide range of supported input signals, and although the monitor's standard resolution is only 800x600 SVGA, when connected to a HD blu-ray player or gaming console, the quality will drastically improve.

The latest DLP technology is also on-board, assuring a max 120 Hz refresh rate for this unit which guarantees no interruptions or eye-strain (by comparison, a normal LCD monitor can go up to 75 Hz). What's more, brightness is not going to be an issue with this projector, due to the 2.700 ANSI Lumens which can adapt to almost any outside conditions (even bright sunlight if that's what you were thinking of). The 3000:1 contrast ratio will also amaze you with the intensity of colors.


SVGA DLP Projector Design and Construction

Unlike more expensive projectors, the ViewSonic projector maintains a lightweight and pleasant construction. Weighing 5.7 pounds and measuring only 3.2 inches in height, you can easily carry this SVGA projector wherever you go. ViewSonic also guarantees the quality of the materials that went into its construction, so the environment impact is almost non-existent.

Your energy bill isn't going to be bigger than usual either, thanks to an innovative eco-mode which delivers increased efficiency, longer lamp life, reduced noise and lower energy use. As for operability, it's simple as 1,2,3. There are only 5 buttons on-board which take care of different functions, a few dials for image adjustments and lens corrections and an extra button for HD image.

Testing The ViewSonic SVGA Projector

Hang On!! This is really cool!


The Viewsonic SVGA DLP Projector

What Users Are Saying

Most users recommend this projector due to its impressive high image quality, brightness, which makes it ideal even in rooms with lots of light, and simple interface. What's more, almost everyone was impressed that in spite of its resolution, the image could easily fit a 250-inch screen! That's even bigger than what most cinema halls offer, and if you want to make use of this awesome ability you have to take the projector somewhere far on your garden and project the image onto your house. Now imagine what an experience that would be!

The users also liked this ViewSonic DLP Projector for its low price. There are many units priced over $1000 which fail to deliver the same quality that this unit does. And if you have a MacBook Air, this projector can accomodate it too, thanks to its improved compatibility options. Finally, some users criticise the fact that 1080p res videos are not really 1080p, but are converted to SVGA instead. I'd say that you cannot please everyone, and given the more-than-affordable price this minor incovenience can go unnoticed.

Viewsonic Video Review


Viewsonic PJD5133 SVGA Projectors

So Whats The Conclusion

Regardless whether you're at home, at the office or in the class-room, the ViewSonic SVGA Projector can definitely make your life easier. But aside from that, the unit can prove particularly useful in a variety of other situations. For instance, when you're travelling, you can easily take this projector along with you. Imagine yourself staying at a 5-star hotel and enjoying crystal clear movies on the wall,(just like your own personal cinema!) all while everyone else is stuck watching standard Lcd tv. Wouldnt that be cool!. So no matter what the situation, be it at the office, at school, on the road or If you just enjoy watching movies or TV shows at maximum quality in the comfort of your home, then the ViewSonic will suit you perfectly. . All in all, this Projector makes for one of the highest quality devices at one of the most affordable prices.

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