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Cell Phone Contracts vs Prepaid Plans

Updated on August 24, 2017

Cell Phone Plans Are Not Alike and Why Pay More with a Contract

Cell Phone Contracts vs Prepaid Plans

Cell phone plans are quite different from one another. Searching for the best plan that offers everything that a person needs and staying within a certain budget can be difficult. Those who have done their research will see that there are similarities between many of the cell phone services and plans; however, they all have their differences too. Searching online and going from phone service to phone service is overwhelming. It is enough to give a person a headache.

Is having a locked in phone contract right for you or having a pay as you go prepaid cell phone plan the best?

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Since we have prepaid wireless and our daughter has a paid contract, I can tell you that there is more of a savings with prepaid plans.

Cell Phone Contracts vs Prepaid Plans

Smart Choice with Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless

Get Everything You Need with No Contract

Straight Talk is a prepaid cell phone service has no contract 1,000 nationwide minutes and 1,000 nationwide text or picture messages for only $30 a month to unlimited minutes and text for only $45 a month. The unlimited plan would be ideal for our daughter and they have the latest popular phones available too.

Straight Talk promo code deals make this phone service even sweeter.

What type of plan is right for you? - Do you like to waste your money on phone service contracts?

Do you have prepaid or contract wireless phone service?

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What Are Your Needs in Phone Services? - Occasional Use or Is a Phone Stuck to Your Ear?

Different Needs for Different Contracts

Hang up and drive t-shirt - View here by LuongoArt

Everyone has different needs.

Some of us old school minority people, like me are not tied to a cell phone. I do not have a need and in many States, it is against the law to talk or text on a cell phone while driving. I do not have a need to go down every aisle in the grocery store and ask the person on the other end of the conversation about the different brands available, prices of the can goods and a detailed conversation of the aisle that I am on at the time. I do not have the need to text people. There are no statistics here, but I am sure that I fall into a small percentage of the population.

My household still has a landline telephone service. The cell phone that I have is a prepaid pay as you go service. This is phone is used mainly when we travel and for emergencies. I always have extra minutes that do roll over, but I will never use all of those minutes. My phone is outdated and I have had it for years. Sometimes, I think that I should replace it, but why should I when it still works and I have no locked into contract. Unlike a contract phone service, where the cell phone has to update every one to two years along with the phone service plan and at a higher price each time it is updated.

My daughter on the other hand is like most people of her age. She has a constant need to use her cell phone. She uses it mostly for texting and not as much for talking, though we talk to her on the phone. Even contacting many of her professors, texting on the phone is exchanged between them. She does not use her phone while driving and irritates her (and us) when she sees others do so. For our daughter her need is different from ours. Presently, she has a high price plan. (Though it is on a family plan with her boyfriend's family and she has not always had to pay.)

Cell iPhone Covers - Great Gift Ideas for Your Prepaid Phones

Type in the search on Zazzle -  Sandyspider iPhone Cases
Type in the search on Zazzle - Sandyspider iPhone Cases

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