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Choose the right smartphone

Updated on December 15, 2012

Why this smartphone guide?

In the past when I did hear the "phrase" smartphone I always wondered what exactly they meant by it. Now that I've become an expert in ICT and also gadgets I've learned the things you need to know about this "phrase" or "definition".

Below you can read the definition of a smartphone and also some tips what to look for when buying a new smartphone as well. I am talking from personal experence and also what I read on several ICT and smartphone related highend website.

Important guide to smartphones

If you are searching for a new cell phone offer then you might have likely read the phrase 'smartphone' at this point. However exactly what are smartphones? Exactly how these are dissimilar to normal cell phones, plus most of all could they be really worth the higher price tag?

Just what are smartphones?

Smartphones are usually mobile phones that will execute a few different features, for example enjoying audio, taking photos, browsing the web as well as managing programs.

Smartphones tend to be rapidly changing 'feature phones', which might be lower-priced models that may furthermore connect to the web and execute comparable multi-media duties. Just take a look at this site for upcoming smartphone for the year 2013: Best Smartphone 2013.

A big difference relating to the two is the fact smartphones have a lot more powerful computer CPU's as well as operate a full 'operating system', in a similar manner your own home "personal computer" works an operating system like Windows. And so, in lots of ways, smartphones are usually just like pocket PCs rather than cell phones.

As with PCs, various smartphones can frequently operate the identical operating-system, even when they are created by diverse manufacturers. As an example, HTC's Desire HD along with Samsung's Galaxy S2 the two operate Android, an operating system which had been manufactured by Google. You can check about those smartphones on this site: Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Yet, several os's, for example the iOS, can merely be seen on one brand of smartphone (in this situation the iPhone). This is also a selling point these days. Some people prefer iOS some rather like the Android operating systems.

Smartphone features

Not every smartphones provide the very same functions, however here are things that the majority of smartphones should really be capable of.

High-speed access to the internet

Significant amounts of a smartphone's useful functionality depends on the idea being capable of gaining access to the web, enabling you to search websites, connect to e-mail, check out online movies along with download applications and audio.

The faster your internet connection will be the faster your pages load. Also downloading apps will go faster because the time it takes to download them will decrease.

Music player

Almost all smartphones must be able to play audio files in the same manner like a dedicated Mp3-player. Nonetheless, be aware the audio quality is frequently inferior as opposed to a dedicated gadget. Although the HTC smartphones have high quality sound with special ear pieces with it, and this one gives a superior quality to other smartphones.


A lot of smartphones are capable of taking photos and also record video. In case they're functions will be employed frequently, you should definitely examine the camera level of quality, as it could fluctuate fairly significantly among numerous smartphones.

For example, regardless of becoming the most famous smartphones out there, the iPhone 3G and 3GS happen to be criticised towards the low resolution of these cameras.


Smartphone touch-screens have been made popular through Apple's iPhone and now have been used by lots of similar smartphone manufacturers.

The two main varieties of smartphone touch-screens are resistive and capacitive. Capacitive is a more complex touch-screen technology and provides more accurate control. Capacitive is being used most now lately.

Touch-screens tend to be divisive with regards to the functionality. Many people still find it uncomfortable to type with a touch-screen keypad, although some would in no way think of returning to normal keys. Therefore it is a smart idea to check out a touch-screen smartphone prior to buying one.

Smartphones can easily download apps such as applications which add new capabilities in your smartphone. Probably the most well-known apps is a game named Angry Birds.


Applications (or 'apps') undoubtedly are a crucial feature of smartphones. They will expand the capability of one's smartphone, in a similar fashion to the software you purchase for a PC.

Numerous smartphone operating systems have accessibility to various online stores that enable you to acquire apps. Which means that not every smartphones get the identical apps. As an illustration, the iPhone utilizes Apple's App Store, unlike Android-based smartphones gain access to the Android Market.

Do I need to obtain a smartphone?

Before selecting a high priced smartphone you need to consider whether or not you will employ the additional features, since they are basically what you are spending money on a premium for. Never anticipate the voice call quality, and also reception to get superior to a normal phone.

Should you be confident that you may require a phone for voice calls and also text messaging, it isn't truly worth spending money on a great deal extra for any smartphone. You'll find so many high quality budget phones you can purchase for a portion of the selling price.

Nevertheless, should you not be familiar with smartphones then it won’t be easy to understand how valuable its features might be. The reason being smartphones depend to a degree on customers downloading individual apps, to increase the phone's kind of functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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