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How to choose a reliable Video blogging camera

Updated on October 3, 2015

So you have finally decided to go out and get that digital camera that you have always wanted. But how can you be so sure about which one to by? Sony, Nikon Coolpix, or a Digicam, the list is endless, what matters is, how you decide that the model that you are going in for, isn't just big on words and empty on performance. Well, there are certain basic factors that you need to know before you choose the type of camera that you buy.

Megapixels: The higher the better, and more expensive too. This is one of the key factors behind choosing a digital camera. It defines the number of pixels and the more the number, the clearer the resolution of the picture you take. If you just want to share pictures over the computer, then a 2 megapixel camera works just fine. 3 megapixels will let you print for normal use, while 5 or above is professional quality.

Optical Zoom versus Digital Zoom: This one's simple; digital enhances the image size more, but hurts the picture clarity whereas optical zooms allow enlarged pictures with good clarity.

Memory Storage: How many pictures will you be taking at a time? A 2 megapixel camera with 32Mb of memory stores up to 35 pictures. Although most cameras come with 8 - 16 Mb of built-in memory, external memory cards are available for more flexibility. Only thing to be careful about here is that these cards that you buy for you digital camera, may not be "hot-swappable".

Computer Compatibility: Ensure that the digital camera is compatible with the computer that you are going to plug it into for regular use.

Microphone: Check to see if there is a microphone to enhance your video mode. Will you be using it if there was?

Night Mode: if you are a creature of the night and will be using the digital camera in poor light conditions then it is useful to buy one that has a night mode feature.

Pre-programmed features: these allow you to have pre-determined settings for special light conditions in your digital camera.

Hold one: Hold the digital camera in your hand and see. A camera should feel right in your hands and should be comfortable to hold.

So before you rush out there to buy a digital camera, it is advisable to research a few models over the web and check for features, size and user friendliness. Buying a digital camera is an important investment and it is the key to a long list of memories. So make sure that when you go for that next family picnic, your ideal camera resides in your hip-pouch.

Best Vlog Camera or Best Video Camera

Vlog or Video Blog is becoming a big trend these days. With a new idea and little bit of talent you can instantly start your own youtube channel and make a reasonable amount of money. Vlogers earn more than most of blogger and it's a better way to advertise any product. Vlogging does require some intial investment though. You need a good camera, a microphone and video editing skills.

So here is my recommendations for ideal Vlog cameras or camera for video blog. These cameras are also suitable for video broadcasts.

Flip HD camera:

Excellent camera for beginners with low budget range. Great video quality and affordable price of 150$. Other features include image stability and red eye reduction. Its a tested camcorder SHAY Carl and other successful Vloggers have used it for many months.


Canon vixi series is one of the best camcorder series out there i my self have vixia HF11 and i just love it. Excellent video quality and microphone slot to get a better audio quality. You can choose from huge range of Canon vixia HF camcorder products and its one of the best Vlogger camera.

4 stars for Flip HD Camera

What is Your Favourite Camera Brand?

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    • Jordan Hake profile image

      Jordan Hake 

      5 years ago from Southwest Missouri, USA

      I use a Canon Rebel T3i. While it's among the more expensive cameras, the investment was worth it, and the video quality is stunning!

    • jmichaels59 profile image


      10 years ago from Hinesville/Savannah, Ga

      short & sweet, yet enough to get me into trouble!! =)


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