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Digital Data Recovery

Updated on April 15, 2014

Computers Can Fail

Computers play an important role in our life. They are not only tools to help us on something, we actually rely on them. This is clearly evident when we can not access the files that are stored on the computer. It may be some problem with the motherboard, processor, graphics card, hard drive or any other computer component. Replacing any hardware component is easy. Unfortunately, this does not apply to hard disk drives.

Failed Hard Drives Cause Headaches

Hard drives store our data, all the files we have created, all the software we have installed and all the files that constitute the operating system, for example Windows. Therefore we can not simply replace the hard drive with another one. Well, we can but it will be empty, without any data. If we are aware of potential problems with computers then we probably have a backup of everything. We would simply restore the last backup on a new hard drive and we would be back in business. However, having no backup leaves only one option: hard drive data recovery.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery is a process where experts examine and repair the hard drive to recover otherwise lost data. The disk may be physically damaged or there is only a corrupted file system. In both cases there is little we can do. Maybe we can use one of available disk repair tools to at least examine what has happened. Of course, this is only possible if the drive is working, i.e. it is visible under operating system we are using. If this is not possible then we need help from data recovery service. In some cases we can try to fix it by ourselves. There are few dirty tricks to recover a failed disk drive. Be careful, use them only as a last resort.

Data Recovery Services

Data recovery companies offer their service to anybody who has last a data because of a failed hard drive, corrupted memory card, accidentally deleted files, broken RAID system or just needs images from broken digital camera. Data recovery service is not cheap but when we desperately need the data it may be worth the price. Imagine returning from holidays with thousands of pictures taken with you cool digital camera. All the pictures were save to the biggest compact flash card you could find. And now the card is empty! What can you do? There is no way to recreate the images. Well, data recovery company can help. In many cases they will be able to restore the data and recover your images.

Digital Data Recovery

Digital data recovery is possible because we are dealing with digital data. When we delete a file we don't actually delete it from the system, the operating system only marks it as deleted and hence not visible to us. At the same time the space once occupied by our file is available as free space for other files. The data is still there until some other file will overwrite it. The same applies to errors in file system. We may not see the files or folders because of some error in the table but the data is still there.

Make Regular Backups

To prevent data loss and paying for data recovery services you should back up all your important data. The best way is to create an image of the whole drive. This way you will be able to quickly restore the hard drive in case it fails. But in the case you need data recovery take a look at Digital Data Recovery website where you will find solution for problem related to digital data and recovery options.

Hard Drive Recovery

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