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DIY: Seo By Yoast For Wordpress...

Updated on September 19, 2014

Read Me For Best Seo By Yaost Settings...

I just built a blog the other day. And with the help of Seo By Yoast it has ranked so far at third on page 2 in 4 days.

I did a little keyword research and a little backlinking so far but in 4 days to be on the second page in that time shows how powerful this plugin is.

I'll Yoast To That....

There are many great free tools available for you to use to try to remedy all of these changes that google has made to there algorithm. The best one to use for on page optimization is Seo By Yoast. A wordpress plugin when used with the settings that I am going to share with you. Will help take your blog to the first pages of google searches.

Most people these days, with all of the changes that google is going through like penguin and panda. Really do not know which way to go. But there are a few things that have stayed consistent. Good writing and good on page seo still works, in some cases better then ever.

A few simple things that you will need to do to your blogs other than just seo. First is look at your content. Does it stand up to the test? What I mean by this is bloggers that just throw any old content out there, will need to do a lot of rewriting. I will list a few of the things that google is looking for in a blog these days.

  • Content is King...
  • Sound Seo Practices...
  • Do not over optimize your blogs...
  • Keep keyword density down to around 2%...
  • External linking to authority sites...
  • Inner linking between post and pages...
  • Google loves pictures and video within your post and pages...
  • Speed of your blogs loading ( Caching)...
  • Simple streamline design...
  • High PR relevant backlinks...

This is what the Wordpress By Yoast will look like once you have loaded it to your wordpress blog.

I am not go through the loading of a plugin here. There are many hubs and video's about that for you to learn from.

Seo By Yoast Dashboard Settings


Seo By Yoast Settings And Setup

After you have loaded Seo by Yoast . And activated the plugin in your wprdpress. You will see a new icon on the left in your wordpress dashboard, that says Seo. Click on it and open the Dashboard, the picture above is what you will see.

All that you need to do here is enable the security box. But if you wish to add your webmaster tools, Bing webmaster or Alexa codes you can do that here, then go to the bottom and click the save settings,

Seo By Yoast Titles & Metas Settings


Titles&Metas Settings In Yoast

Next you will open the section in the dropdown named Titles & Metas. In this section under the Generals tab on the top of the page, you will enable the Force rewrite titles.

Then in the Sitewide meta stings section just below you will enable the Use meta keywords tags. Then go to the bottom of the page and click the save settings

Seo By Yoast Home Settings.


Home Settings For Yoast.

Sorry for the blackout the pic was clipped while I was working on a new customers blog settings. It willn't have the black in yours, this is just to protect his information.

Click the Home Tab in the Titles & Metas section of Yoast. Add your blogs Title in the Title template box.

Add your blogs meta description into the meta description template box. In the drop down under Author you can drop it down and have your Authors name attached to your search results. And in the next section you can add your Google+ URL to your profile so that your profile picture will show up next to your Search results.

Go to the bottom and click the save settings and move to the next tab Post types.

Editing Post Types In Yoast.


Post Type Settings In Yoast

The first thing you need to do is go all of the way to the right to the Help tab. Open it and you will copy this %%excerpt%%

Now go back to the post type tab and open it up. then paste the %%excerpt%% into the meta description template boxes. Under post, pages and media, as shown in the picture above.

Now go to the bottom and click the save settings in yoast . and move to the next tab Taxonomies.

Taxonomies Settings In Yoast.


Yoast Settings For Taxonomies.

In the meta description boxes for catagories and tags add the %%excerpt%% that you had just added in the post types section.

And at the bottom enable the no index-follow in the tabs section of the page. Then go to the bottom and save your settings.

Other Tab In Yoast..


Seo By Yoast Other Tab..

In the next Seo By Yoast tab over marked other you will enable the no-index, follow check box in the section Date Archives.

Then save your settings at the bottom of the page.

Socializing With Yoast..


Social Settings For Yoast Plugin...

Move to the next option in your yoast plugin named social. Open this up and enable the add open graph meta data.

In the Frontpage settings section, Add the image URL for youe blogs main image. You can do this by going to your frontpage and right clicking on it then save image url or save image location it depends on which OS that you are using.

Now paste the URL into the box that ask for it, and add your blogs description. In the next section down you will see twitter enable this and add your twitter id or name just your name not the just everything after the /.

Now save your settings and we will go to the next part down XML Sitemaps.

XML Sitemap In Yoast Wordpress Plugin...


XML Sitemap Within Yoast Wordpress Plugin...

First if you currently have a sitemap plugin you will need to disable it or delete it for it might cause a conflict.

All of your sitemap needs can be done right here within Seo By Yoast. And you will have easy access to it right from your dashboard.

After you have disabled your old sitemap plugin, you will enable the box at the top that says check this box to enable XML sitemap functionality.

In General settings check the Ping Yahoo and Ping Ask. com boxes. And at the bottom you will see the number 1000 in the Entries per page section change it to a number like I use 500 it doesn't matter but unless you are having a blog that is massive you will want to use a lower number. Then click the box that says you can find your sitemap here to make sure that it setsup for you.

Then save your settings and That's It. all of the rest of the settings will be taken care of just fine in the default.

I have just given you what I am paid very well to do for my customers for free. I hope that it works as good for you as it does for all of my customers.

Please take a second to take the little poll that I have setup just below so that I have an idea if this hub was helpful. Thank you...

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    • profile image

      Spook SEO 4 years ago

      "Hello Jay!

      This is such a very helpful post. I have learned a lot from this post of yours. I would just like to say that I actually like Yoast plugin. And for me, it is one of the best plugins. Thank you for sharing this and I am looking forward to read more of your articles."

    • lsamson profile image

      lsamson 5 years ago

      Cheers for the info Jay,

      Very helpful :)

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      Yes, what happens is if you have to many links directly to your site all at once google will look at them and might think that you are using a bot or something. So this way your links are flowing naturally. If your content is good then it will be shared.

      Do not be shy on asking something like, click here if you liked my article and want to read more using read more or click here as your anchor instead of your keyword. For some reason after googles new updates. They see this as good linking.

    • lsamson profile image

      lsamson 5 years ago

      Thanks for the info,

      That tool looks great and I will definantly use it in the future.

      So are you saying that I should write articles and such that are related to my site with a link to my site in it and then write comments, social bookmarking and press releases that point to the article. That way people, if they enjoy my content, will link to my site naturally?


    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      I will give you a free tool that I use to see where I am at with sites. Anyone reading this try this tool it will help you have an idea what you need to get your blog or site optimized just put in your URL and it gives you a score and tells you what you need to work on.

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      I will give you a free tool that I use to see where I am at with sites. Anyone reading this try this tool it will help you have an idea what you need to get your blog or site optimized just put in your URL and it gives you a score and tells you what you need to work on.

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      That good. The reason I say niche related is that you are more likely to have let say your site is on dogs, and a cat person reads your post. the dog person is more likely to link back to you than the cat person. Giving you pretty much free linking from a relavent site.

      Sorry did you understand that. If you write an article and add your site links in the resources instead of pinging your site directly write comments or press releases or social bookmarks to the article instead of directly to your site let your links drip to your site naturally. Hope it helped

    • lsamson profile image

      lsamson 5 years ago

      Thanks jaymills,

      Yeah I've just been building 2 or 3 links a day from a few very high pr sites, however they arn't related to my niche but they are like pr 7, and a few pr 2 - 4 related sites.

      I'll fill you in when i'm further along!

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      Great, with the changes that google made i.e panda and penguin it is a lot easier for a newer blog to rank well with the right knowledge. They do not look so much at the total of the links but the different kinds of links and are they relavant to your subject.

      Also just a few good high PR links do wonders. Keep your linking spread out do not hit your new blog with thousands at once.

      I keep it as simple as I can. Because of time restraints I only have a few of my own blogs. 99% of my time is montoring and ranking sites or blogs for customers. Keep me informed I love to hear a good success story. Good luck lsamson

    • lsamson profile image

      lsamson 5 years ago

      I also recently started my first site with about 2'900 exact searches a month. I've spent the last 2 weeks uploading content to it and setting up the logistics of the site, in the last 2-3 days I've been starting backlinking and am starting to move up the ranks.

      I'll let you know on the progress of my site and see how I go!

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      Sorry about not finishing the last reply, got distracted with the kids. Ok as far as backlinking all that I do or at least did for this blog was I wrote 3 articles for a very high PR directory. I wrote a few guest articles for other blogs and got the resource links. I commented on relavant subject blogs. And did a little social posting. Then just pinged all of my links. After google made there recent changes you do not need thousands of links you just need to do good keyword research and make sure your niches has no more than between 500-20,000 comp pages. with searches of 750 to let say 5,000 a month local. Now days all you need to do is post, share and ping simple as that.

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      First thank you for your comment. I just as I always do testing, testing and more testing. Built a blog as I stated, now it is on page one for a few keywords it is doing ok, made some with adsense and close to $200 with other offers in a little over a month. So for a 10 dollar domain, I figure that I am way ahead of the game.

    • lsamson profile image

      lsamson 5 years ago

      Great Post,

      I have been using SEO by Yoast for the past couple of months but am now going to try your settings and see how they go!

      You seem to be very knowledgeable about creating and ranking niche sites and SEO and was thinking that, as an idea, you could create a post on some backlinking strategies for 2013 or maybe a case study on ranking a site in the top 5 on google. Just a thought.

      Anyway I am now following you and voted up useful, I look forward to seeing more hubs about ranking sites.

    • jaymills profile image

      jaymills 5 years ago from United States

      Thank you for you comment, I have used Yoast with great results. I hope my hub helps a few people. Just a note for anyone that reads my hub. I did a little more backlinking work for the blog that I spoke of, and it is now on page 1 for a few different search terms.

    • socialmarketing7 profile image

      socialmarketing7 5 years ago from United States

      Very awesome post! Learned a lot here. Yoast plugin is certainly the best!