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An Effective Anti-Virus Program Constantly Updates Its Databases

Updated on June 16, 2012

The Risk From Viruses

A computer is always at risk when you make extensive use of the internet and when you download data and software on your computer from other external devices. This virus is quite likely to take over your computer, shut down essential functions, shut down computers and even act as a spy for other people. This is why it is necessary to have virus programs installed that will vet every byte of information that comes on to your computer and protect you from such disasters.

The Availability of Anti-Virus Programs

There are a lot of anti-virus programs available nowadays for such protection and it is up to you to decide the one that you can afford and which can perform the minimum functions required for it to be effective. How effective are anti-virus programs is a question that is not easily answered. There are so many providers of such software that it is difficult to make a choice. Some of the anti-virus programs can even be downloaded for free, but the very fact that the providers of such programs do not have any incentive, there is always a doubt whether they will constantly update their databases as the number of viruses that are prevalent increase everyday.

Which Is The Best Program

A good anti-virus program needs to be able to protect USB ports and external drives that you link up to a computer or are part of it. It should have feature that scans files and other content that you open while accessing the internet. Most viruses infect computers through the internet. How effective are anti-virus programs will be known from the way they monitor all the programs and files on your computer at regular intervals and warn you of any that have slipped past firewalls, online scanners and through external devices. An effective anti-virus program will allow you to set regular times for scanning your hard drives even while you work on the computer. A good anti-virus program will update at regular intervals so that the latest database of viruses is always available.

Other Necessary Features

An effective anti-virus program should be able to block any programs that track your key movements in order to steal password and other confidential information. This theft that can then damage you financially, or sometimes embarrass you when your emails are hacked into and used by others. The program should also be able to block such spy ware and prevent it from installing itself on your computer. Good anti-virus software always has web based help which can assist you in getting technical advice and help to deal with viruses.

Judging the Effectiveness of Anti-virus Software

Any software will be considered effective if it can detect threats from viruses even though the scenario on such threats keeps changing on almost an hourly basis. Computer viruses are becoming more virulent, and more widespread with new viruses coming into the system daily. When the anti-virus software detects a virus it repairs the file or removes it. Its codes are then sent to their analysis centers which then modify their programs to identify the new threat and find ways of protection against it. Effective anti-virus programs will always constantly update themselves so that they have the latest tools to fight the virus.


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