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External Hard Drive 1TB

Updated on November 7, 2011

A great guide on how to get the best 1TB external hard drive, giving you a huge amount of space with an external hard drive 1TB!

Introduction to an External Hard Drive 1TB

An external hard drive 1TB allows you to store a huge amount of data, music, movies and any other files you might have!

Choosing the perfect external 1TV hard drive is oten down to two important factors. What you want to use it for, and what type of connections you use.

External hard drives often come with either a USB or a Firewire connection, make sure you choose one which works with your computer.

Usage wise, you can use an external hard drive for two basic things. Backup and data storage. If you need extra data storage for work, music or movies then any external hard drive would be a fantastic solution, and 1TB is more than enough space for this task. Other people however may want to use their external hard drive for backup purposes, in which case you will want to check out which hard drives have better back up functionality.

Some hard drives can be configured for one button backup, where with a simple press of the button it will automatically synchronise selected files and folders. You can also find plenty which provide automated scheduled backups.

External Hard Drive
External Hard Drive

What to Look for in a 1TB External Hard Drive

Since you will be using your external hard drive 1TB to store your data it is important that you get a high quality external hard drive. Some cheap hard drives can be unreliable, which does put your data at risk. You might also want to check warranty availability, since higher quality brands may offer a data recovery service as part of the warranty.

As a general rule of thumb external hard drives designed for portability are a little more rugged than desktop external hard drives. They also tend to take up more space though, not so good if you have limited desk space available!

Wireless External Hard Drives WiFi

A recent edition to the world of External Hard Drives is the Wireless WiFi external hard drive. these fantastic accessories can connect to your local WiFi network to provide a huge amount of wireless storage, meaning no more problems with USB connections, lugging a portable hard drive around your home, and having to carry it around with your laptop as you move around the house!

WiFi External hard drives provide simple wireless connectivity to allow you to access your data anyhere from around your home.

The great thing about these advanced external hard drives is that you may find they also provide some pretty good additional functonality, including FTP access, and off-site connectivity, letting you access your external hard drive via the internet if you need remote access!


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