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Want To Know Who Unfriended You On Facebook?

Updated on December 10, 2012
Facebook Unfriend Notification
Facebook Unfriend Notification

One More Lost Friend?

I have lost count of the number of times people have unfriended me on Facebook. Maybe it is because of my numerous updates within the hour, or maybe it is because of the large number of quizzes I take on a regular basis. Perhaps it is because I was rude to them while interacting or probably they misunderstood my humor. Whatever the reason, I always respect a person's decision to unfriend me on Facebook.

I am not much of an inquisitive person, so I never really bothered to keep track of who all unfriended me on Facebook. But I know that many out there want to know who those "traitors" are who chose not to communicate with them anymore on the most popular social networking site.

Is it possible to find out when friends unfriend you on Facebook? Find out...

Greasemonkey Script - Unfriend Finder

There's a Greasemonkey script Unfriend Finder that works for specific browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It doesn't work for IE yet, but if you use other browsers (which I think you should) then you can use this script. All you have to do is install the script and restart your browser. You're all set to receive your own Facebook unfriend notifications!

I'm a great fan of Greasemonkey scripts. One of the scripts I use is to get extra features for my Squidoo account.

Use a Web Application Like Twenty Feet

Another way to find out who all unfriended you on Facebook is by using applications like Twenty Feet. All you have to do is connect your Facebook account with Twenty Feet. The application then takes note of all your friends in your profile. It gives you instant notifications when one of your "friends" decide to unfriend you.


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