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"5 Cool Features" Facebook Should Have

Updated on July 30, 2014

Maybe there will be no dislike button, maybe you will never be allowed to find out who viewed your profile or maybe you can never be able to comment / post anonymously.

For every minute we spend on Facebook, they put couple of pennies in their bank account. Although there is nothing wrong in that, at least we deserve to better updates. Here are 5 things that Facebook should have

Block Games Request Completely

I don't see, why we can't have this option to block all the games request at once. Everyone I know just like me hate getting frequent games request when are not even interested in single game.

Although Facebook provides you an option, to turn off individual request. But for someone like me, who never want to play any game, Facebook should introduce block all games request.


So What Button For Uploader

No. of irrelevant and self-centered posts have hiked and So what button would be a perfect solution for this.

Although this feature may be misused if made public, it would make perfect sense if there is an option to click so what button anonymously and only uploader can see it. This will not only improve the overall quality of Facebook feeds but uploader can also evaluate themselves.

Being invisible in chat

One thing that Facebook should learn from Google, is the invisible feature. Once you decided to go offline in chat you can't see if others are online or not.

Whereas Gmail allow us to appear signed out of chat even when you're actually signed in. So that we can see who are online in chat, while we are offline. And I can't see why Facebook can't introduce this feature.

Better Search Algorithm

Yes, I have seen a search button on the top, which lets you search for people, places or things. And without denying the awesomeness of this search, I believe Facebook should also add feature to search post and photos of my friends using keywords. As for now, it's impossible to dig out what my friends posted 1 year ago, if I don't exactly remember the exact status. Therefore this option would be a life saver.

Animated GIF Support

It's true that compare to any other social networking websites Facebook has the largest potential for spreading Meme and Troll images. But yet it doesn't support animated GIF. Who don't like gif? They are so funny.

Animated GIF are fun and have proof their worth on website like Reddit, Tumblr, and Google+ etc. Then why Facebook is still not adopting it ?

What do you think?

Which Feature You Want Facebook to Introduce First ?

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