Google Agao and Visa Electronic payment and Google Wallet

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    roka550posted 5 years ago

    Google Agao and Visa
    Electronic payment and Google Wallet

    agreement between Visa and Visa Europe and Google to license the use of Visa application Bay Wave
    Visa Pay Wave

    And for electronic payments in the world

    Visa Pay Wave
    The sophisticated technology to ease electronic payment on the Internet for purchases without payment cards, is also enables mobile users to the possibility of their payments by using the telephone directly with retailers quickly and also security by directing Mobile special electronic chip payment name
    Payment Terminal
    Found inside the store, and now there are thousands of stores that are using this technology in many countries of the world.

    This agreement paves the way for private banks issuing Visa cards around the world to take action to enable the holders of the possibility of adding Visa accounts Tutorials - credit - debit or prepaid - to Google, one of the portfolio advanced Google applications through which makes smart phones as a digital wallet