Should I invest in a Smart TV or a regular flat screen with Google TV?

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    SPomposelloposted 5 years ago

    I currently have an old bulky TV (non-flat screen) from like the early 2000s that is about 32 inches. I have a Roku connected to it but Roku sucks because there's no Youtube and there's no web browser.

    So I'm planning to:
    1) Get a new flat screen TV that is bigger, at least 42 inches.
    2) Find a new way to connect my TV to the internet so that I can browse the web.

    My first option was to get a Smart TV because they have built in web browsers where you can just type in... say... and go there on your tv or maybe go to one of those free movie websites like and watch whatever movie you want. But the problem is I was reading that Smart TVs will be obsolete in a few years because the way TVs connect to the net now may not be the same way they connect in a few years....?

    My only other option would be to get a regular 42 inch flat screen TV and buy one of those Google TV boxes and hook it up, they also contain a web browser.

    What does everyone recommend?

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      SPomposelloposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      It's 2012 and nobody here has a TV which they use to connect to the internet SOMEHOW?