Social networking for professionals without the immature crowd invited

  1. psycheskinner profile image83
    psycheskinnerposted 4 years ago

    A social network promoted by a spammer.  It must ROCK. [/sarcasm]

  2. tedriese profile image60
    tedrieseposted 4 years ago

    Hi -

    I'm looking to network professionally w/ out the immature crowd!  I'm new to hubpages and have just begun to participate in the forums... Please answer me back if anybody is seriously interested in learning how and helping me learn how to better develop their own business plans.

    A little about me... I've got a BA in Sociology, an Executive MBA, and was very close to completing my DBA before I had to drop out of my program due to monetary concerns - In an attempt to create some income over the last three years I have developed an multi-channeled Internet TV-Station that runs off of my PC and a home high-speed internet connection that allows me to charge for commercial advertising space through an online auction setup.

    It might have taken a long time to set up but should finally have everything up and running within the next two weeks or so, so I'll be looking to begin networking in earnest so that I can promote my new business venture.  That is why I just recently joined Hubpages, so that I could teach other people how to build their own stations so that we could gain publicity by developing our networks as a group.

    If anybody is interested in sharing their own business plans, or learning more about my own, then please take the time to say "Hello!"

    Ted Riese