Steve Jobs (Apple) or Bill Gates ( Microsoft)?

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  1. profile image0
    lesliebyarsposted 10 years ago

    Who has done more for computer technology, Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Jobs help roll out the first home computers but Gates virtually invented sophisticated software formats. I Phone, I Pod and I Pad with touch screen and simplicity may put Jobs ahead. Then again Gates has the XBOX 360. In the end, it's a draw in my eyes because they are both legendary inventors and Innovators.

    1. bBerean profile image61
      bBereanposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Academia will likely tell you Apple, (although they probably have a network based on windows at their institution).  Apple was wise and shrewd establishing a footprint within the schools early on. 

      In the business world the nod certainly would go to Microsoft, as even for those who wish it were different, they are heavily invested in Windows infrastructure.  It functions well, so most are content, if not happy there.  Those that aren't would still find it difficult to justify the expense of changing. 

      It is the private sector that gives you the debate.  Those who must interact with either of the two previously mentioned groups will likely choose the commensurate platform.  Other folks may be up for grabs, but loyalty among the faithful in both camps is like that of sports fans. 

      Personally, I have explored Apple periodically over the years, but they have never been able to woo me away from Redmond.  I love my Surface Pro 128gb, find Windows 8 refreshing, and am productive in many of Microsoft's programs which leave me wanting for naught.  I have no reason to change.

      If you are looking at the magnitude of influence in all areas I believe the numbers would show Microsoft still wins hands down, (but then I already established I am biased).

      1. atechwiz profile image65
        atechwizposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        I completely agree with bBerean.  A lot of time now it comes down to ecosystem as much as the technology itself.  I also should confess my bias for Microsoft.  I am deep into their ecosystem and enjoy the simplicity that provides.  I know that Apple provides a similar experience.  For me, being able to use Xbox movies, music, Xbox Live, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and my Surface with just one account that synces up on all of my devices and purchases is just extremely convenient.

  2. ContriveIT profile image61
    ContriveITposted 10 years ago

    Legendary Leaders & Entrepreneurs. With all due respect, neither of them actually "rolled out' these great innovations. Not to take anything away but neither of them could probably write a simple java app.

    However, they were both GREAT leaders who empowered their very well selected innovative teams and made very keen business decisions.

  3. ytsenoh profile image79
    ytsenohposted 10 years ago

    I think both Jobs and Gates have been major contributors.  The way I look at value, too, however, is how successful one might be now if a lot of shares of Apple stock were purchased when it wasn't so highly successful.  Apple stock versus Microsoft stock values are dramatically different.

  4. profile image51
    larry089posted 10 years ago

    For me they both have do a lot of thing in technology and many people are idolizing their work.Just like in Finland country where many of it-päällikkö or IT manager amaze to what they did and how awesome is they work on technology.


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