Is Google's Hummingbird going to make things better for online writers

  1. NateB11 profile image94
    NateB11posted 4 years ago

    My impression is that it is. It is designed to better decipher what people are actually looking for, without just relying on keywords. I have to admit, reading about keywords is both boring and disheartening to me. I've always been interested in writing about what I know, to inform people and inspire some insight. Gaming around trying to figure out keywords has always felt like a diversion from that. It seems we might be getting closer to a place in which we can write for people and not the search engine. It seems the purpose of the changes in the search engine is to pick up on what is actually and naturally written and what people actually mean and are looking for in their searches on the Net; rather than the old way the search engine just kind of flatly picks up on keywords which has led to Black Hat SEO and various shysters manipulating, spamming, and spinning. In other words, writers who actually know their subject and write about it honestly might actually be found on Google now. Here's a very well-written, informative and, yes, even inspiring article on the subject. … g-content/