Hard drive files converted easily to webpages

  1. Csanad profile image80
    Csanadposted 3 years ago

    Is there a way, I can upload all of my files to a webserver, and automatically or easily and quickly convert them into webpages.
    What I'm thinking is instead of online backup, or cloud storage, I would use my files as webpages, and that way quickly create a huge website, which would make me some money, whereas with cloud storage all I have is cost. Also website storage space is a lot cheaper than cloud storage: ex.: bluehost: $6/month unlimited storage, most cloud storage companies give 1 TB for $10/month.

  2. firas1 profile image69
    firas1posted 3 years ago

    It depends on what type of files you have on your hard drive, to display static pages your files must be in html format.
    I think you need to install a file explorer script before you can upload and display content to visitors.

    Here is an example of free file explorer :