Role of Web Developer

  1. mrnasir profile image60
    mrnasirposted 19 months ago

    I didn't do any web development course but I can create a website by buying a domain & hosting then install wordpress and free/paid theme. That's it.
    I just want to ask that in this whole procedure where's the role of web developer;who can program and design the website like in dreamweaver or any other softwares.

  2. jacharless profile image80
    jacharlessposted 19 months ago


    A Web Developer by definition is one who has educated themselves on the various languages used to program and build web/mobile applications. This includes client-side and server-side methodologies.

    The ability to download and install a prefabricated system like WordPress, even to some degree SquareSpace, etc. is not really development. These systems were designed for those with little or no knowledge of the complex world of code.

    A true hack (developer) writes their own code. However, you can use a software stack solution depending on which OS you prefer: MAMP (Mac), LAMP (Linux, Universal) or WAMP (Windows) and various frameworks like Coda, Code Igniter, Zend, Fabric, etc. to assist in the development process.

    The best advice I can provide, as a programmer, is to seek out the likes of Treehouse, Full Sail University, General Assembly or edX for courses, else download the language documentations like Javascript jQuery & Angular, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python Django, Objective C, Ruby on Rails, CSS, XML, HTML, etc. The languages used truly depend on which area of programming you desire to become well versed in and develop applications from.

    The range and diversity of approaches to programming, and development, are many and all wonderful. Dive in and have fun.

    Cheers & Happy Hacking!