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Which software programming language should a beginner start with for web develop

  1. jobister profile image60
    jobisterposted 7 years ago

    Which software programming language should a beginner start with for web development?

    Looking to get into web development and would like to have some programming background to not only help me learn but also enhance my career. Any suggestions?

  2. melbel profile image95
    melbelposted 7 years ago

    The Python programming language is fantastic... there are TONS of resources for learning python, especially for those that are new to programming. I see that you do have some programming experience, but it's really a great language for people of all skill levels...

    Here is a list of places where you can learn Python.

    I personally prefer to use the Ruby programming language, but there aren't quite as many beginner guides for it. However, I have listed some guides for both learning CS with ruby and Python here:

    Hope I was helpful,

  3. profile image52
    todd65barrposted 7 years ago

    I second what pedrog said: You'll have to start with HTML and all that. But you should also learn Javascript.

  4. MetalLemon profile image76
    MetalLemonposted 7 years ago

    The hottest web technologies currently are HTML 5 and jQuery, any experience in those  will set you up for gaining good experience.

    Most professional web development follows a polyglot approach to web technologies, professional web developers value productivity most, as they generally have high work loads and tight deadlines, as a result professional software developers favor frameworks more than amateurs.

    The web sites that you build as a professional, are also on a greater scale and have different functional requirements that page for granny to sell biscuits.

    Look to mainstream computer languages and their associated web frameworks, Java - JavaFX, Java ServerFaces  ; .Net - C#, ASP.NET MVC.

    Add to that solid HTML, java script (everyone rather uses jQuery these days as it gives you that productivity boost I was talking about) and you are A for Away.

  5. KodeKaran profile image55
    KodeKaranposted 7 years ago

    To become a successful web developer, you need to learn the following:

    To start off with, I would start by learning JavaScript, then PHP, then ASP, then whatever you'd like after that.

    jQuery is a toughie, it's like CSS - the programming of web design, you mentioned web 'development', so I'd suggest learning the basics of CSS, and if you want to design front-end content, jQuery too. Also, even to learn JavaScript and PHP - basic HTML is a must, div-code isn't necessary unless your doing jQuery.

  6. profile image48
    PHPwarriorposted 7 years ago

    HTML is the first thing you need to have a handle on. Once you have a feel for that you can expand on it with CSS. Neither of those are programming languages though they are the basic building blocks of all web pages.

    PHP is the programming language I would recommend you start with after that. MySQL is a database query language, which you will also need to make any kind of large or medium sized website.

    Javascript is nice to add in certain features to a site but not really as necessary as the rest of the languages I listed. Python, ASP, jQuery, Flash, etc. are all nice to know as well but in my opinion you should get a good understanding of the basics before investing time in those.

  7. wandererh profile image74
    wandererhposted 6 years ago

    I have just started on Python and I highly recommend it.  From a programmer's point of view, I find that Python is easy to learn and is powerful enough so that it takes over many of the usual tasks that you need to do, leaving you to do the programming and not wrestle with the language.  And for the more complicated tasks, there are tons of resources available, and if you really need to, you use it to run code from another language, or call Python modules from another language.

  8. hotwebideas profile image73
    hotwebideasposted 6 years ago

    I think you should start with the most popular languages including PHP, jQuery, HTML, and CSS.

  9. profile image48
    George_Allenposted 6 years ago

    If you are a web designer and wants to know that which programming language is the best for them so visit Zylon  they are master in providing this type services and also in web development so please visit

  10. garyluther profile image40
    garylutherposted 5 years ago

    HTML is the basic of any web design or web development projects so you should start with HTML.