Can the iPad Pro Really Replace the Laptop

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    Jacqueline4390posted 16 months ago
    I am excitingly awaiting my iPad Pro to arrive and I have been watching the videos about it. Apple states that this is the future of computing. I am wondering if this is really the case. I will admit that it is a lot easier carrying around an iPad than a laptop. Even in bed, the iPad is good for surfing the web and playing a quick game of solitaire before "lights out." But how will it stand up against working on my novels or getting out a spread sheet? 256 GB is a very impressive amount of storage space! And, with Bluetooth you can wirelessly connect a regular keyboard with your iPad.

    So, what do you think? Are tablets on the verge of pushing the laptops to the curve? I don't plan on retiring either my desktop or laptop but 10 hours of battery life is pretty hard to beat.

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      Jacqueline4390posted 16 months agoin reply to this

      I really don't think so unless the iOS can upgrade their apps to compete with what laptops and desktops offer in the way of productivity--I am going to say no. It is convenient and offers a great way to surf the web but unless your business operates 90% online ...