Which one is better to promote affiliate on social network direct to affiliate

  1. adezalfa profile image41
    adezalfaposted 8 years ago

    Which one is better to promote  affiliate on social network direct to affiliate or to our website first

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    shreekrishnaposted 8 years ago

    i think ,

    we want to send visitors to our own blog or webite first ,

    so , they can read a full article , why we are promoting that site ,

    & if they dont even want to join , they are chances that they will click on any ads on our webpage which only generates our revenue ,
    & we will definitly earn something.

    adsense is the greates ad networks & can pay even a $50 or more per click.

  3. Jay Ravat profile image59
    Jay Ravatposted 3 years ago

    i would recommend to go with affiliate networks.. i have tried most of the network in last 3 years like commissionjunction.com, vcommission.com, instal.com, shareasale.com, palamit.com etc etc... they are working in different moods but when it comes to payout i have found always a delay.. doesn't mean all of them are scam but as per my experience i am still associated with www.palamit.com because they are known for their timely and hassle free payments... you must try it..