How do I transfer my itunes library from a computer with XP, to a new computer w

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    calderclanposted 8 years ago

    How do I transfer my itunes library from a computer with XP, to a new computer with Vista?

    We tried using an external Hard drive, only 79 songs transferred over, there should be over 1000.

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    Alonzo Heathposted 8 years ago

    It depends on where your music might be.  Just copying the contents of the "My Music Folder" to your vista machine does not mean that all of your music copied.  You may have some of your songs in other folders on your hard drive.  If you downloaded all of your songs from the itunes store then they are probably all in the "My Music." The same is true if you ripped your music, using Itunes, from a CD.  But, if you had stand alone mp3's in other folders on your hard drive on you XP machine, even though they are available in itunes, they are still located in their original folders.  You have to copy those folders, along with your itunes library, to your vista machine.

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    Danciwaposted 8 years ago

    There are several ways out there. Here I'd like to share some that I've tried and found convenient.

    1) use your iPod to help you transfer.
    If your songs were purchased from iTunes store, simply "Transfer Purchases". If your songs were from other source, use this iPod to iTunes transfer program to help you … nsfer.html

    2) use iTunes to iTunes transfer software to help you transfer.

    It is an easy to use iTunes utility designed to help you backup/recover/transfer your whole iTunes library and media files. It offers a simple way to keep your iTunes in sync everywhere. You can use it to backup your own iTunes library or synchronize multiple iTunes on different computers. The backed up library file is pretty easy to transfer to other iTunes, and it's easy to manage.

    Hope these can be helpful to you.