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How do you equalize a vocal track?

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    gemini401posted 8 years ago

    How do you equalize a vocal track?

    For Logic music program

  2. Portamenteff profile image80
    Portamenteffposted 8 years ago

    I equalize vocals with the treble slightly up for men. It seems male voices need a little treble boost. I also take the mids down a notch.
    For females or really high males, I take the mids up a notch, and lower the treble a bit. I bring the bass ranges up some as well. I usually pan a little left. I bring the lead guitars into the right side of the pan so they don't step on the vocals. Rythm can go left.

  3. dauntlessdnb profile image64
    dauntlessdnbposted 8 years ago

    Okay, the first thing when it comes to equalizing a vocal track is make sure the vocal is in mono. Secondly cut out the low end. Vocals don't need all the low rumbling sub, therefore all that stuff down under 80hz is just wasting your headroom. Use the Logic channel eq to make the cut or the Logic AU highpass filter. Third step is try to EQ whilst the track is playing. Don't EQ parts on their own. You want to know how the vocal sits with the rest of the tune only then can you tell if you need a boost at 5k or a bit more meat at 200hz or a little air at 10k. The only thing I'll do religiously is cut at about 500-1000hz. I think it makes stuff sound nasal-y.  Lastly make sure you compress the vocals alittle and a little reverb via the send aux. (Use Logic Space Designer for reverb, its great!)

    Hope that helps.


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    AlanSwensonposted 8 years ago

    In addition to cutting at 80hz you should also roll off at 20khz, this can get rid of some noise and no part of a human voice is in this range and it is above most people's hearing level anyway.  You also might note that you should EQ after you use any compression on the vocals.  If done before, compression will negate what you did in EQ.  Also if something is interfering with your vocal clarity, you can find a frequency range to boost the vocals and also decrease in the interference, this sort of creates a gap to put your vocals in.