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  • Sell Sports Memoribilia

    Sell Sports Memoribilia

    4 years ago

    Sports cards, toys, autographed equipment

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    How I Treat a Strained Back

    5 years ago

    For those of us who do hard physical labor, whether it's for a living or just fixing up your home, back pain is inevitable. It's just part of the deal. I've found some things to make it heal faster.

  • Zombie Apocalypse Champ

    Zombie Apocalypse Champ

    8 years ago

    The dead will rise or so they say if you read comic books like The Walking Dead, or watch TV cartoons, movies, even Micheal Jackson videos. If they do I find it necessary to be prepared.

  • Hard Winter Driving

    Hard Winter Driving

    8 years ago

    As winter creeps eerily along, we get to enjoy some of the benefits of it's cold and snow. Some of those are skiing, sledding, ice skating, snowball fights, and making snowmen.

  • How My Linux System Fixed My Windows

    How My Linux System Fixed My Windows

    10 years ago

    I've been a Gnu/Linux user for several years now, both for work and just to surf the web, play games etc. I do have a copy of Windows 8 on my laptop though. And I use it sometimes, until it breaks.

  • BitCoin As a Viable Currency

    BitCoin As a Viable Currency

    10 years ago

    In the electronic age which we have been thrown, it is inevitable that even our money become 100% digital. In order to adapt to our new found technology, BitCoin may be the answer.

  • Taxation Is A Criminal Act

    Taxation Is A Criminal Act

    10 years ago

    Many people have wondered if taxes are actually voluntary or mandatory. If you consider the fact that people lose their homes, cars, businesses, and bank account for failing to pay taxes, then by that point of view, taxes most certainly are not. If...

  • Avoid The NSA Snooping On Your Web Usage

    Avoid The NSA Snooping On Your Web Usage

    11 years ago

    The US government, and governments around the world are spying on you. Hackers are trying to get your information as well. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. Here are some ideas

  • American Gun Grabbers

    American Gun Grabbers

    11 years ago

    It's good to start with a little bit of historical background on the issue at hand- gun control. “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse...

  • Legal Marajuana

    Legal Marajuana

    11 years ago

    Canibis, a family of plants that was brought to the English colonies of America by farmers to be sold as an industrial crop. It wasn't as widely used for recreation or medicine as it was for rope, canvas, paper and other products. In fact the word...

  • Using Python as a Calculator

    Using Python as a Calculator

    12 years ago

    Sometimes I'm building a web page, and I need to calculate some quick math. If I'm in a command line text editor, then I usually just open a new tab and type: python It's an easy parser to install, has very few dependencies, can run as a stand...

  • Ebay A Virtual Bazaar

    Ebay A Virtual Bazaar

    12 years ago

    Imagine you're walking down a narrow street in some exotic country with little carts and tables set up to sell everything you can possibly imagine from cellular phones to a dried up peice of toast. Every fifteen seconds you see something else even...

  • Just a One Man Band

    Just a One Man Band

    12 years ago

    I've been a musician playing in bands off and on for 25 years or so. Luckily I haven't been arrested for sticking my finger out of my pants' zipper like Jim Morrison of The Doors, overdosed on drugs like at least a couple dozen other musicians, or...

  • Tune Your Guitar Easily

    Tune Your Guitar Easily

    12 years ago

    Here is a layout of the names of the strings and the placement for tuning. My own guitar Have you bought a guitar and it has been sitting in the closet for a while? Have you just got one and want to tune it up? Here's your opportunity. By the end of...

  • National Defense Authorization Act

    National Defense Authorization Act

    12 years ago

    Senate bill 1031 or the "National Defense Authorization Act" passed on New Year's eve of 2011. I wasn't surprised by that at all. Most of the bill is mundane spending authorization for the pentagon. The usual military industrial complex's Christmas...

  • Frankenfoods


    12 years ago

    We eat our food, know that is tastes good, and nourishes our bodies. This is the simplest chain of events in our minds. We associate food with health. Although this may be true, GMO (or genetically modified organisms) could retract form our health....

  • Modern Day Anarchy

    Modern Day Anarchy

    12 years ago

    Modern Day Anarchy People have always come to understand anrachists as either these plotting revolutionaries secretly meeting in the back of quiet coffee shops, or young punks throwing rocks at windows in a downtown Seattle riot while wearing...

  • Ron Paul Not Just a Candidate- A Movement

    Ron Paul Not Just a Candidate- A Movement

    12 years ago

    Dr. Ron Paul, an O.B. GYN, 12 term Republican house of representatives member, and former libertarian candidate is running for the GOP nomination for President of the United States of America. He has run before unsuccessfully. Each time he runs he...

  • Beat the Flu

    Beat the Flu

    12 years ago

    Since both of the people who dwell under the same roof as myself are now sick, I thought an article on how to kill the flu is in order. Let's look at some things that can lead to it, some ways to shorten the duration, some ways to ease the symptoms,...

  • Maxims of Law

    Maxims of Law

    12 years ago

    In the natural course of study to regain the freedom that is my right, I've found myself having to study law- that is the words the powers that be use to attack me so that they may retain their power. Actually they are using those words to convince...

  • LMMS-Linux Multimedia Studio

    LMMS-Linux Multimedia Studio

    13 years ago

    LMMS-screenshot This program is the open-source answer to Fruity-Loops. It can record, digitalize, and create MIDI sounds, mix and master, and can be used as a DAW (digital audio workstation.) Don't let the name fool you. It works on Linux and...

  • Convert HTML WebSite to PHP

    Convert HTML WebSite to PHP

    13 years ago

    My trusty text editor Gedit. In the modern Internet, dynamic websites are key to a successful business venture. the old static HTML just can't compare to what one needs. I had this old static site as my home page. I needed to pace some...

  • How to live Homeless

    How to live Homeless

    13 years ago

    At least this guy is honest. That's worth a beer isn't it? With today's economy being the way it is, I'm starting to see more and more people who used to have jobs, and houses, both rented and mortgaged living in tents, and caves nowadays. It's a...

  • Become a Freeman-on-the-land

    Become a Freeman-on-the-land

    12 years ago

    In my research for common law remedies of which I wrote a hub about, I've come across a movement known as the Freeman-on-the-land. I hadn't heard the term in over a decade. It has been since I knew a fellow who had committed to this movement, it's...

  • Starting a band, It's not too easy

    Starting a band, It's not too easy

    13 years ago

    Try getting four or five people in the same room at the same time. Now try doing that with four or five people who have knowledge and skill on the same subject. After 24 years of playing in bands, I still face the task of getting the right...

  • Common Law Court of Record

    Common Law Court of Record

    13 years ago

    An old traditional court of common law, though antiquated can still have modern uses. Is this dinosour still used? If so How? This is a brief look at one very complicated instrument of law revolving around the concept of soveriegnty.

  • Nazi Pediatricians

    Nazi Pediatricians

    13 years ago

    I recently took my child for her periodic check-up. They weigh her, measure her height, check her tonsils, and so on and so forth. This last visit was a bit alarming though. First, they gave me an intern seeking her residency (a rookie) instead of...

  • The Breath Tax

    The Breath Tax

    14 years ago

    Hockey stick graph: a proven total fraud. The Breath Tax and Some of It's Implications With Congress constantly trying to take away freedom, there's one thing that's always been free, breathing. Now with "Cap and Tax" legislation coming down...

  • Oil of Oregano: Timeless Medicine

    Oil of Oregano: Timeless Medicine

    14 years ago

    A plant of many uses. This lovely plant makes a great addition to a decorative garden. It spices up a salad with it's fresh leaves. It seasons home-made pasta sauce as well. But what many people don't know is that it can be used as powerful...

  • Substituting Healthy Ingredients

    Substituting Healthy Ingredients

    14 years ago

    When your in a grocery store, and you pass by all of these ingredients that look good, taste good, and are low priced, remember to read the box. If it comes in a box, it has an ingredient list. I always use a good rule of thumb. If I can't pronounce...

  • Health Care Unveiled

    Health Care Unveiled

    14 years ago

    As our wonderful health care bill gets signed, I can't help but wonder what will happen to our freedom? Is there any end to the government's reach into our lives? How will someone like me who uses natural medicine survive? The first question is...

  • Full Body Scan A Violation

    Full Body Scan A Violation

    14 years ago

    The full body scan being implemented at airports, courthouses, and other at-risk places seems to me to be a violation of our right to privacy. This is simply something we should not accept in order to retain what little liberty and dignity. Of...

  • Create Custom Logo With Gimp Image Editor

    Create Custom Logo With Gimp Image Editor

    14 years ago

    Gimp is an acronym for "Gnu Image Manipulation Program." It can re-size/scale, convert, manipulate, edit, and create images in just about any format or file extension you see on the web. as an experiment in my image editing class I used Gimp instead...

  • Using Ardour the Sound editor

    Using Ardour the Sound editor

    14 years ago

    It doesn't get much better. Ardour is a free open-source program written chiefly for Gnu_Linux based operating systems, but it does work on Apple's Macintosh operating system as well. As a musician of 25 years who has been digitally recorded for 14...

  • Our wonderful Health Care Bill

    Our wonderful Health Care Bill

    14 years ago

    If you've been following the health care bill at all, you know this is a hotly debated topic. In case you haven't heard, congress is very close to passing the largest bill in United States government history. It is over 2,000 pages in both the House...

  • Create Beats With Hydrogen Drum Machine

    Create Beats With Hydrogen Drum Machine

    12 years ago

    The full view of Hydrogen Good news is that it ships with many distributions like 64studio and Medibuntu. That means the live cd will run it, and you won't have to go through installing a new operating system just to try some software you may or...

  • First Truthers, Then Birthers, Now Warmers?

    First Truthers, Then Birthers, Now Warmers?

    14 years ago

    All groups of conspiracy theorists seem to get nicknamed. They get names like "Truthers" for those who don't buy the official story of the 911 attacks. Another is "Birthers" for those like myself who believe President Obama's birth certificate he...

  • Television is Mind Control

    Television is Mind Control

    12 years ago

    Our brains are wired so that we can receive and perceive information. This can invoke an emotional response. That is what the television programmers are after. If they just gave you the information you would filter it out. You could decide if you...

  • On Health and healing

    On Health and healing

    14 years ago

    This hub will go through the basics of why we as a society have so much obesity, disease, and depression. How did we get so unhealthy? Well it goes back to the Nixon days when we as a nation started to pay farmers NOT to grow food. Subsodies of...

  • Other Names for Google ChromeOS

    Other Names for Google ChromeOS

    14 years ago

      I've been a Gnu-Linux user for 5 years now. (Virus free since 2005 when I quit that stupid dual-boot crap.) Every new *nix flavor that comes out I try to VirtualBox it, or at least raise an eyebrow. So when all the hype (and leaked information)...

  • become a virtuoso guitarist

    become a virtuoso guitarist

    14 years ago

    The Old Master, godfather of the modern guitar, Andres Segevia The classical guitar is the easiest instrument to learn, the most difficult to master. The first thing to remember is that you can play beautiful notes and chords the fist day, and then...

  • Emerge Your Software With Sabayon

    Emerge Your Software With Sabayon

    12 years ago

    The Emerge package manager is by far the most comprehensive system I've used. It ships with Sabayon Linux and is based on Gentoo's Portage. Much like RPM for RedHat and Apt for Debian this user interface uses the command line. Also much like RPM and...

  • The Tao of Linux

    The Tao of Linux

    14 years ago

    It's just so hard, but I do it anyway. I'm a Linux user in a Windows world. (Windows, Life without firewalls!) I can believe in the use of whatever tools you need to get the job done, albeit building a web page, creating office documents,...


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