how to increase page rank fast

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    ciscopracticeposted 8 years ago

    how to increase page rank fast

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    sohaibshaheenposted 8 years ago

    this is the question that bothered me too much initially and I had to work a lot getting an answer to that, but surely I love to share my knowledge with other so I am here to help you regarding this issue.

    Before telling you tips and tricks for that you must first know what is page rank and how search engines like google, assign sites pagerank.

    To refine the search results and to bring only the most relevant content to the users search engines have devised this way of ranking the pages on net.
    So more the links your site have and more the search terms are relevant to the user, greater will be your page rank.
    e.g. if your page has 10 links over the internet (remember: on other sites)  then your page rank will be greater than if you have just 5....

    So the funda is simple get more links get more rank, have more relevant search terms on site have more page rank... and finally have more people looking for your site have higher page ranks...

    Now moving to the tricks.... these are simple:

    1. Getting links:

    You have to work hard for this.... there are many possible ways for that

    1. exchange links with other sites
    2. add to link exchange directories like
    3. exchange banners using bannerexchange sites.
    4. add your site to web directories like

    2. Improving search terms:

    again its simple. there are many sites over the internet that allows you to search terms that are most searched just add those terms on your page in form of tag cloud and you are done..

    3. People looking for you..

    whenever you need to open your site. add it to google and then click the link from there instead of opening directly...

    4. Got extra money..

    Try using adwords and create attractive ad to attract users to your site.

    for the rest.,...... take some rest I will be back....

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    venedictposted 4 years ago

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