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ASP.net or PSP?

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    charliechimp33posted 8 years ago

    ASP.net or PSP?

    I am now in a position to spend a year retraining myself and my plan is to learn/refresh the following: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT. My ultimate goal is to become a freelance web designer and I want to be able to create dynamic web sites. My confusion is which language to invest my time into? I am familiar with Microsoft technologies (IIS/SQL) so find myself drawn to asp.net.. However it seems perhaps PSP is more suitable for a beginner/freelancer? Any help making this decision would be much appreciated. Thanks, Ed

  2. Casper021 profile image57
    Casper021posted 8 years ago

    Firs I think you mean PHP not PSP. Second I would recommend if you considering investing time and money is to invested in ASP.NET and other Microsoft products like VB.NET and C#. You can learn php on your own it is quite easy also as PHP being a free software there are a lot more people who use PHP so the competition to get a job is allot higher also I think Microsoft developers get paid more then php developers.

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    charliechimp33posted 8 years ago

    Oh dear, I did indeed mean PHP! Perhaps it's a sign! Thanks for your answer, I do think I will head down  the asp.net route.

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    nadunrtposted 8 years ago

    People get paid for their knowledge.

    PHP is also very good, fast and easy to learn language. You can do almost anything.

    I m not telling you to not to learn .net. But if you are trying to become a freelance web developer then I recommend PHP.
    I m also a PHP developer.

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    glendelmposted 8 years ago

    PHP is a generally more supported and comprehensive language, due to the fact it's had a lot more time on stage than Asp.NET. If you're a beginner to Server-Side scripting, then I would reccomend PHP as it's fast and easy to learn and can do everything that ASP.NET can do. Also, MySQL is also easier than any of the support .net languages.

    However, I'm biased as I'm a PHP developer myself, and it's of course up to you! smile