Is getting a 4WD SUV eco-friendly?

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    kukuharaposted 8 years ago

    Is getting a 4WD SUV eco-friendly?

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    saisunposted 8 years ago

    The most obvious answer would definitely be a resounding "no!" but there's a lot more to getting these kinds of vehicles than simply guzzling gas and hogging up pavement.

    Let's face it: SUVs are roomy, they're rugged, and they can handle terrain a lot better than a sedan; and they're usually a lot prettier and more comfortable inside (and usually drive more smoothly) than your average pickup truck or ATV.

    Additionally, an SUV will generally guzzle a lot of gas, and in most urban and suburban settings, a 4WD car is just plain pointless. However, if you're going to be driving up unpaved inclines, handling rough terrain, and/or carting a big load, a 4WD vehicle is the best one for the job. It's a lot less likely to break down in those kinds of situations, since it's built specifically for those purposes. This means that you'll be expending much less time and resources on repairs, replacement parts, or even replacement cars.

    As with all things: ask yourself if it won't end up getting wasted.

    Be honest: try to figure out if you'll actually be using that 4-wheel drive and all that extra space, or if it's all just for show/just for those just-in-case-once-in-a-blue-moon situations. If it's the latter, you'll be better off saving your gas money/auto loan money for more fun things. At the end of the day, the real question is really: is it worth it? Take into consideration all of the things that you might have to pay for; the consequences of your owning and driving such a vehicle --research to see if there are cheaper, cleaner, more efficient alternatives available. If you can honestly answer "yes" to the first question, and can't find any alternatives, then it's safe to say that it'll at least be eco-neutral.

    Besides... there are probably a lot of hybrid/electric/clean energy 4WD vehicles available already. If not, the smart money is on the possibility that they'll be available really soon.