introduction in education and reference about computer software?

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    apple alora diagoposted 7 years ago

    introduction in education and reference about computer software?

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    LLcoolWolfiposted 7 years ago

    Computer software is basically a program which consists of all forms and roles that digitally stored data may have, which might be used as code for CPU or might represent other type of information. Software consists of wide variety of product developed with various techniques using scripting language, programming language, microcode or FPGA configuration. Software is basically a term used for digitally stored data or computer programs. Term software is just  given to give contrast to term hardware.

    Computer software includes application software, firmware, middleware, system software, testware, programming software etc. Internet has become most popular source for downloading software. There are different types of software available on websites like shareware, freeware and trial software. Software distribution through internet website is a huge success; almost all software companies use this mode for sales and promotion of their products. Huge collection of software on internet is known as software download site.