my daughter has had 3 Verizon Prepaid Samsung Intensity's SCHU450's stolen in th

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    sweetfireposted 7 years ago

    my daughter has had 3 Verizon Prepaid Samsung Intensity's SCHU450's stolen in the last 2 months.

    Is there anything I can do to keep track of where the phone is at all times? an application? or heck, I would even pay for a little device that I could install into the phone or something...I dont care about "voiding warranties" because the point they r stolen the warranty is gone anyway! Can someone please help put me in the right direction? ANY suggestions to help us would be so appriciated !

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    MickSposted 7 years ago

    This is difficult, we don't know you, or where you live, the circumstances over the disappearances, or the age of your daughter.  Because of your concern I would guess that your daughter is at school, age, about 10 - 15, and the phones are disappearing at school?  And, as you are a concerned parent, I would hope that you have investigated the following possibilities, even though you may find them distasteful.
    Is your daughter being bullied and giving the phone to stop it?
    Is your daughter clumsy and losing the phone and is too frightened to tell you?
    Is she being blackmailed?  'I saw you and Johnny behind the bike sheds playing...'  well you know.
    Is she selling the phones to get extra money?  Please don't let it be for drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.  And if the phone revenue dries up, what has she left to sell?  We don't want to go that route.
    There are lots of possibiliteis, I hope for yours, and especially your daughter's sake, that it is one of the simple possibilities, straight theft or loss.
    I have chosen to treat this question as serious; however, there is the possibility that this is just spam to point us in the direction of the hub highlighted above?

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    sweetfireposted 7 years ago

    ....Shes 11yrs. old....The first phone her friend took out of her backpack without permission....I just got that one back a few days ago...the 2nd she was honest and told me she lost it...the 3rd...someone text me from it the other night with a smiley face and they know Im looking for it so that was just plain snyde! .....My daughter LOVES her cell phone, but Id never think they are missing because of drugs or bullying....and yes...sometimes she is clumsy...just as much as her mother  wink and/or anyone else ...mistakes happen, but as long as we learn from them can be very beneficial to us...............and thanks anyway, but I have found a device to stick onto the phone for access to the cell phone 24/7 from the convenience of my home I assume my problem of the cell phone thief should be fixed as soon as it arrives ....Now if I could only fix the problem of hoping these forums would answer the question instead of making me feel as if I am on an episode of Jerry Springer.......... NOT SPAM