Hi I downloaded the Launcer Pro and it was fab. But when I turned off my phone

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    karenffosterposted 7 years ago

    I downloaded the Launcer Pro and it was fab.  But when I turned off my phone it chanced back...

    to the old launcer.  Now I can find no way to get back to Launcer Pro.  I deleted the program and re-downloaded it but it didn't over write the original loader.  How can I tell the phone to use the new loader??

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    theelhubposted 7 years ago

    Hi Karen,

    Obviously without seeing your phone it is hard however I think this is the problem. Reinstall Launcher Pro. Then you need to go on your App Menu and go on Homescreen selector. You then need to select Launcher Pro. I think it has 3 options and it sometimes shows the options twice. Both times select Launcher Pro NOT Launcher. If you have changed nothing you should see Orange Homescreen, Launcher (the standard Android Launcher), and Launcher Pro (Picture of a House I believe, or something Yellow). I have deleted Homescreen selector so I cannot check this, but I had this problem that it would ask me everytime I turned on the phone what homescreen I want. Try that, hope it is what you are asking.