Is really modern technology making us lazy ?

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  1. sensu0s profile image63
    sensu0sposted 9 years ago

    Is really modern technology making us lazy ?

  2. mod2vint profile image61
    mod2vintposted 9 years ago

    Yes without a doubt! Just look at all the overweight people we have. When we were kids we couldn't wait to get outside, we made our own fun. Now turn on the tube hook up the game system and the only muscles moving are our fingers.

  3. fossmaniac profile image69
    fossmaniacposted 9 years ago

    I agree, modern tech has made us lazy. Television, internet, and everything automagic, how is one supposed to be proactive?

  4. Taleb80 profile image78
    Taleb80posted 9 years ago

    Sure, when you park your car the as near as you can to avoid waking.
    When you try even to bring many things remote controlled.
    When we use electric knife.etc.

  5. slc334 profile image39
    slc334posted 9 years ago

    I tend to think that technology CAN make us lazy, not that it DOES.  There are a lot of instances where technology helps us lead healthier and more productive lives.  I don't think that we would know as much as we do about nutrition without technology.  Without technology to make cheaper bikes and treadmills, etc., we wouldn't be able to afford bikes, let alone gym memberships.
    Technology makes us more productive, so that we can finish our work and gain the time to enjoy the outdoors and exercise.
    Lastly, technology allows us to communicate, making connections.  If you put this in perspective, technology allows us to sell things on eBay, or even make money on Hubpages (though I haven't yet!).  With the added income, there is no reason why we wouldn't have more time to enjoy our lives and do activities.
    Just like the video games=violence argument, I feel it's the mindset, not the technology that leads to laziness.  Very interesting topic!

  6. izoooom profile image60
    izoooomposted 9 years ago

    I don't understand, lazy in terms of not going out and doing stuff? I don't think it is, it is a question of choice.

    When there was no modern tech, there wasn't really any choice, we had to get up and go to have things done:
    - cars were not easily affordable, then you had to cycle or take buses, did we want to? not reall, we had no choice.
    - we had to write letters, get out and post it, only choice available. Now, email, instant messenger, printing stamps online, pop the mail in the box by your car smile
    - then credit was not easily available, we had to work and save to get stuff, so we treasured stuff more and just didn't jump on any bandwagon.

    Anywho, the point of my rambling is, these physical activities were seen as an issue, hence, solutions have to be invented. If the solution was not appreciated, the inventions would not have been successful.
    As for what is making us lazy, it is ultimately us otherwise, the best selling items day in day out will not be items with adverts that say:

    "lose weight fast now...I shed 10pounds in 5days, you can too!"

    "make $7777 every month online, I'm doing it!" ...uh huh

    "The lottoball for this week is £17million!" ... 17million people put in £1 each! yikes

    MLM programs...ahem

    We just don't want to work hard if we have the option not to, whether it is modern technology or old technology, we want the easy way out. Being a couch potato is just one of many ways that we are.
    Even people with gyms in their living room, beside the tv don't use it, how modern tech can you get? There are always TV shows and work out tapes, how many of us use them? yea, that's what I thought :-P

    I could go on and on but you get my drift I hope...we gotta start being independent and stop jumping on every bandwagon and getting an app for everything, seriously.
    Or how about the lazy habit of taking every supplimentary health vitamin pills no matter how expensive, the hard way will be to just peel an orange, or eat an apple...don't get me started!

  7. agvulpes profile image87
    agvulpesposted 9 years ago

    No not lazy, more like unfit. I think modern technology enables us to fit more into our lives.

  8. royalbert profile image59
    royalbertposted 9 years ago

    It is making lazy people more lazier but for the active people these technologies are here to make life easy.

  9. Emily40 profile image59
    Emily40posted 9 years ago

    I would say some modern technology does makes us lazy. Why? because everything they make now you don't have to really do anything..unlike long ago, when people have to do almost everything for themselves, that's why they were smarter, stronger and they live longer! But i sort of like the modern technology because in my case am not capable of doing a lot of things mainly because am a sickly person. And some of things are useful!

  10. glenn wallace profile image71
    glenn wallaceposted 9 years ago

    Yes and no.

    Modern transportation means we end up walking less.

    Modern entertainment means we can sit on our butts and keep ourselves occupied for longer

    Modern communication makes it more and more effortless to stay connected to coworkers, friends and loved ones.

    So in all those senses, yes, technology has made our lives easier. But by the same token, that technology has also expanded the horizons of what we can accomplish.

    Modern transportation makes it easier than ever to travel the world.

    Modern entertainment allows us to learn massive amounts of information, experiencing art and culture on a scale that was impossible only a generation ago.

    Modern communication allows us to create, and foster our social connections much more than at any other time in human history.

    Technology is a tool, and like any tool the end effect is all about how it is used.


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