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Apple iphone 4 or samsung galaxy?

  1. trafford profile image36
    traffordposted 7 years ago

    Apple iphone 4 or samsung galaxy?

    which is better option for smartphones?


  2. jobister profile image60
    jobisterposted 7 years ago

    Depends, Android or iOS. I used to have an HTC Android phone but I switched back to my iPhone because I started to miss my iPhone's abilities compared to the Android HTC phone. You have to play with the phone to see which carrier and phone works for you. Android phones are available on all carriers but iPhone is only available on AT&T currently and will be available for Verizon in February.

  3. Lymond profile image87
    Lymondposted 7 years ago

    Most Of the time I'd recommend the galaxy, I even wrote a hub on this, however there are a few specific points I'd mention with regards to the sgs. I don't know about brand new versions of the sgs but a lot of people have trouble connecting it to their pc. If you sync a lot or need constant data transfer from a pc or need to sync to outlook you may be taking a bit of a gamble.

    The iphone will work right out the box and stay the way you bought it til it dies, it's good, there are a few flaws but on the whole the user experience is slick.

    On the other hand if you may watch a few movies, don't want to pay premiums for the same hardware and basic usage as everybody else... Want a little more flexibility and don't want Jobs telling you how to wipe go sgs.

  4. AngusNz profile image60
    AngusNzposted 7 years ago

    Galaxy please..............................................

  5. keyfound profile image60
    keyfoundposted 7 years ago

    Which Galaxy were you looking at? I bought the Galaxy Vibrant (the Canadian one) and I think its way better than the iphone. The screen is sharp and it records video in HD which is nice. The big thing that got me was how well it syncs with everything. As soon as I bought the phone i typed in my gmail account and all of my contacts transfered to the phone in about a minute. I also like the three push buttons rather the one button the iphone has. It has a "back "button, a "return to main screen" button, as well as a menu button.  As far as connecting to a pc, its pretty easy if you go through the samsung program (Kies) to sync contacts and such. But I only connect it to a pc if i want to throw large files on it, and that is even easier, it just pops up on windows like a removable hard drive would.  All of the other syncing I do takes place over my cell network.

  6. mmzh786 profile image68
    mmzh786posted 7 years ago

    Wait for the new ipad2,it has good hardware changes compared with ipad.
    It will be the best tab