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Is the habit of writing diary replaced by the social networks' status updates?

  1. Vishaaa profile image78
    Vishaaaposted 7 years ago

    Is the habit of writing diary replaced by the social networks' status updates?

  2. Wavecritter profile image60
    Wavecritterposted 7 years ago

    An interesting observation smile I do agree that (mainly with young people) their tendency to post when they shower, shop, brush their teeth, or go to the movies can be never ending ... the worrisome side of it is, they seem to also advertise the thoughts that once were private for our locked tight diaries smile

    Remember how horrified girls would get if their brother or sister caught even a glimpse of the insulated richness of the soul found between the covers of this, my friend, the diary.

    Alas now, the age of the internet allows the hood to be lifted and the curtains opened wide. What will be the outcome of this new age of bearing one's soul?

  3. Brand19922006 profile image55
    Brand19922006posted 7 years ago

    I believe so. Instead of it being a private event to keep to your self people are becoming more open to how they feel. It's like the want the whole world to know how they feel.

  4. SweetiePie profile image82
    SweetiePieposted 7 years ago

    Being more open in the age of the computer is not bad or good, it is just different from what people are used to.  Remember how parents thought the world was coming to an end with girls scream over the Beatles in the 1960's?  The world did not come to an end, and now their music is revered around the world.  When people are young they are carefree and do not think about stuff that might make adults pause.  With that being said, I have seen people of all ages updating their Facebook page with random facts about shopping, or taking pictures at the beach. 

    Personally, it does not bother me, and as long as people are not posting extremely intimate details about their lives - who cares really.  If you as a parent feel that your kids should not be advertising their comings and goings on Facebook, then cut off the supply!  Personally, I think people should be eighteen before they even have a Facebook account, or an online account of any kind.  The only thing people under eighteen really need to use the Internet for is research projects, and parents should monitor computer use.  Or put a filter on the computer.  Do not buy your kids a smart phone where they will be on Facebook all day.