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What computer brand should I get next?

  1. Kylo88 profile image58
    Kylo88posted 7 years ago

    What computer brand should I get next?

    The computer in the picture is an hp mini. I have had it as a 'temporary replacement' (one that has lasted for 2 years now) for my gateway. What brand computer should I get next? I have owned gateway, hp, and one dell. I need a fast working word processer, and something that will hold over 3,000 pictures, 2,000 songs, and over 8 gigs of writing without slowing down. Also would like for it to be nothing over $500. Help?


  2. akuigla profile image61
    akuiglaposted 7 years ago

    If Im in your place, I would call Dell and tell them what I want.
    Im a huge fan of Dell computers.
    Dell will make pc exactly with your specifications.
    But, of course it is your choice.

  3. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 7 years ago

    Are you looking for a laptop or a desktop? My current laptop is a Dell factory recertified that I got for $420 including shipping. I'd have to look up the exact specs, but it's screaming fast (does SO much better than my desktop) and I have hundreds of audio files, Word documents, and pictures stored with plenty of space left. I also have several browser plugins running at all times, and frequently use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Jing (for screencasts), and other fairly demanding programs without any trouble at all. In many cases factory recertified is even better than buying brand new, because everything has gone back through a concentrated quality check (just make sure it's recertified and not refurbished...the latter is a little more of a gamble) and they're a lot cheaper. My laptop was returned for a scratch on the case (I had to really search to find it), they ran it through quality checks and recertified it, then slashed the price from $800 down to $400. I've used it all day every day for the past year and still not even a hint of a problem.

  4. Kylo88 profile image58
    Kylo88posted 7 years ago

    well so far it looks like Dell is the answer! lol thank you all! ^^

  5. dsm091 profile image58
    dsm091posted 6 years ago

    You can get an American made laptop for exactly $500.  Sandy bridge processor.  try systemax.  Either from Tiger Direct or direct.  They are the only laptops I recommend anymore. 

    Dell and HP make so many that they have lost the touch.  Apple is coming back so strong that they are going to have to do something soon.  I am not an Apple fan either.