What about posting images and sounds in your page

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    mwenyiposted 6 years ago

    What about posting images and sounds in your page

    after knowing the HTML starting sesssion how does some go about including
    images and sounds in the web page they have created?

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    philemersonposted 6 years ago


    For images, use the image tag. Put the URL of the image file in the SRC attribute of the tag. For example, see this link:

    I tried to show an example but comments on HubPages remove HTML.

    The alt and title attributes define what is shown when the web-site visitor hovers the mouse over the image (alt for IE and title for Firefox etc)

    Unless I was using Flash for a reason, I would avoid embedding music into a web-page because visitors just find it annoying - especially if they're at work with their speakers turned on. If you really must... take a look at this web-page: http://www.tips-tricks.com/sound.asp