Types of computer data

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    blessingenrichposted 6 years ago

    Types of computer data

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    Quirinusposted 6 years ago

    You can categorize computer data based on several things:

    Based on where they reside, they can be permanent or temporary
    1.    ROM - data or information that should be static is stored in the ROM
    2.    RAM - this is the scratch pad of the computer (RAM - random access memory), where temporary data is stored before it is saved into a more permanent media such as a disk.
    3.    EXTERNAL STORAGE DEVICES - data stored in CD ROM, hard drives and other devices such as flash drives; more permanent than RAM data. 

    Based on how people use them:
    1.    For business, such as for accounting purposes
        1.a    The database stores the smallest units of enduser records
        1.b    Applications are in their most basic form a machine language (information or data) that instructs the computer as to how to process the enduser data
        1.c    System administration data - information that contains instructions to the computer or the network how the various components of the system are orchestrated or to work together in harmony
        1.d    OS or operating system - is also some form of instruction to the computer as to how it will orchestrate the various devices connected to it and requesting for its attention or processing
    2.    Entertainment
        2.a.    Audio
        2.b.    Video
        2.c.    Others

    There are various other ways of classifying computer data that would best be addressed in a full length hub, much more informative than this and more researched.

    But thank you for the question, blessingenrich!