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What feature are you looking forward to the most in the new iOS 5 update?

  1. ezhang profile image
    ezhangposted 6 years ago

    What feature are you looking forward to the most in the new iOS 5 update?

    The iOS 5 recently released its beta version. Apple has announced a bunch of new features in this exciting new update:


    What features are you looking forward to in particular?


  2. vinner profile image74
    vinnerposted 6 years ago

    We are expecting a lot from i Phone 5 like expandable memory, flash support, near field communication facility etc. Only apple knows what it will give:)

  3. supplies expert profile image60
    supplies expertposted 6 years ago

    I still think Apple is going to not allow flash, just because it's Apple.  But definitely expandable memory will be nice, I hope they really work on their phone quality for on the fact of using the actual phone.  Voice and sound quality is not great, so that would be the best thing to do in the iPhone 5 to me. 

    But knowing Apple, I'm sure they have a few tricks hidden up their sleeve that will be industry leading in the handset market.  Can't wait for it to come out.

  4. psf profile image76
    psfposted 6 years ago


    I really excited about the new feature 'PC Free'. I guess this helps everyone to go wire-free most of the time, and the feature make use of iCloud service to achieve this.

    Between, it is interesting their new feature name 'PC' Free..guess what they meant by it...or is it just my creativity..

  5. adeang profile image60
    adeangposted 6 years ago

    Guys iOS 5 isn't the actual iPhone 5 its software, and will run with all ios devices like the iphone, ipod touch, and ipad. One of the coolest features is wi-fi sync.