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What does php stands for?

  1. shwetha123 profile image72
    shwetha123posted 6 years ago

    What does php stands for?

  2. Lorenzo27 profile image75
    Lorenzo27posted 6 years ago

    It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, a type of computer language. Originally it meant Personal Home Page, as I remember.

  3. leeba ann varghes profile image76
    leeba ann varghesposted 6 years ago

    In technical terms,PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor.But it was called Personal Home Page when it was developed.

  4. kripkrip420 profile image61
    kripkrip420posted 6 years ago

    Since the others have answered what it stands for, why don't I go on and recommend that you learn it after mastering (or becoming rather familiar with) HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and maybe even Perl. It is a very useful programming language when it comes to creating dynamic web-pages.