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Which is more better phone : iphone 4GS or Samsung Galaxy note ?

  1. manu6076 profile image71
    manu6076posted 6 years ago

    Which is more better phone : iphone 4GS  or  Samsung Galaxy note ?

    Both are latest, which one is should I buy?

  2. howtohandbook profile image58
    howtohandbookposted 6 years ago

    Samsun Galaxy note, because it's a well made device who mostly work on the go.

  3. Jesus was a hippy profile image59
    Jesus was a hippyposted 6 years ago

    I am opposed to Iphones or anything "I" because the "apps" or simply the software is a gimmik that requires you to pay apple for them when all other manufacturers can use software from anywhere.

  4. profile image50
    fwefqrfposted 4 years ago

    In order to help you,
    I compared both phones specifications using  http://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?id … hone2=4212  After that i vote for iphone 4GS Because it's stylish one .So only i would recommend this one.If you are interested to buying this model,Go to E-bay and get a locked one.Because cost of the locked phone is cheaper than unlocked one.If it's locked to different network means,try to unlock your phone using http://www.theunlockarena.com/apple-iphone-4s/rs16wp9/   Once unlock your phone,you will be able to use any kid of sim card when you move to abroad.